The Longest Vigil

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NeutralThe Longest Vigil
Start Archmage Y'mera
End Vigilant Quoram
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Mac'Aree
Reputation +75 Argussian Reach
Rewards 9g 70s
Previous N [110] Conservation of Magic
N [110] Invasive Species
Next N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity
N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning
N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery


Wake the Gatekeeper.


It was a good thing we sought two sources of energy. Even with the conduits active, the construct has not stirred.

It has likely been inactive a long while. Perhaps as long as Mac'Aree has floated above Argus.

What a long, lonely vigil it must have been.

<Y'mera is silent for a moment as she peers at the construct.>

Go ahead and jostle it a little. That combined with one last burst of magic ought to do the trick.


You will receive: 9g 70s


Prepare yourself, stranger.



Quest accept
Archmage Y'mera says: I am going to need your help. Jostle it a bit, won't you?
"Jostle" the construct
Vigilant Quoram says: I am restored.
Y'mera nearly groans; this is not someone she would have preferred to be dealing with.
Archmage Y'mera says: Oh no... I know that voice.
If he still had a nose, Quoram would be looking down it at Y'mera in disapproval with a raised eyebrow. He speaks in a "naturally, I am better than you" tone.
Vigilant Quoram says: Exile Y'mera. Why have you returned?
Archmage Y'mera says: We need to--
Vigilant Quoram says: Conservatory resources are not available to one of your... status.
Archmage Y'mera says: Of all people to become Gatekeeper... <name>, perhaps you had better do the talking.
Vigilant Quoram
State your purpose or remove yourself from the premises.

Gossip I seek the Sigil of Awakening.

Vigilant Quoram says: The Sigil is the Conservatory's highest honor. Only Archimonde's chosen may pursue this accolade.
Vigilant Quoram says: I am obligated to inform you that the master created trials specifically for this purpose.
Vigilant Quoram says: I am also required to allow the uninitiated to participate.
Quest completion
Vigilant Quoram says: Let us begin.


  1. N [110] A Floating Ruin
  2. N [110] Mac'Aree, Jewel of Argus
  3. N [110] Defenseless and Afraid & N [110] Khazaduum, First of His Name
  4. N [110] Consecrating Ground
  5. N [110] The Path Forward
  6. N [110] Not-So-Humble Beginnings
  7. N [110] Conservation of Magic & N [110] Invasive Species
  8. N [110] The Longest Vigil
  9. N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity & N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning & N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery
  10. N [110] The Defiler's Legacy
  11. N [110] The Sigil of Awakening

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