The Looting of Althalaxx

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AllianceThe Looting of Althalaxx
Start Mathas Wildwood
End Mathas Wildwood
Level 14 (Requires 10)
Category Darkshore
Experience 980
Reputation +62 Alliance
Rewards 6s (+6s at max level)
Shareable Yes


Locate  [Narassin's Tome] among the ruins of Althalaxx and kill the Forsaken commander Teegan Holloway.

  • Teegan Holloway slain
  • Narassin's Tome


Before you rejoin the battle, <class>, something urgent has come to my attention. My scouts report that the Forsaken are scouring the ruined tower of Althalaxx to our south.

Prior to the assault, that bleak tower housed a fanatical arm of the Shadow Council commanded by the fallen highborne Athrikus Narassin. Narassin is long since dead, but if any of his work survives, we can't allow it out of our sight. Retrieve his research and kill the Forsaken commander who's plundering the ruins.

("Teegan Holloway: The Forsaken prowl the tower's grounds. Show no mercy.")


Choose your reward:
Inv boots chain 02.png [Wild Bark Boots] Inv belt 04.png [Forsaken Belt]
Inv gauntlets 27.png [Narassin's Gloves]

You will also receive: 6s


Narassin is no longer our concern, but if his life's work should fall to our enemies, centuries of dark wisdom could be called down onto our heads. How goes the hunt?


Let's see what we've got here.... By Elune, his notes are scrawled in a half dozen languages. What is this, blood? This archive makes my flesh seethe, but at least it's secure. It will take us some time to decipher these notes.

Oh - your reward? Yes, here. Nice work with those undead scavengers. Now get back to the fight.

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