The Lord Reclaimer

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AllianceThe Lord Reclaimer
Brojai about to kill Lyalia and Kor

87 (Requires 86)




10g 20s


A [87] The Mantid, A [87] The Stoneplow Convoy



Find Lyalia and kill Groundbreaker Brojai.


They have my daughter! Brojai... that Lord Reclaimer! I can see him clearly through Lyalia's eyes.

That foolish girl must have tried to take him head on.

Please, <name>! Go to the Ruins of Korja and try to free her.

I'll get Kang and try to draw out Brojai from the ruins with a distraction.

("Groundbreaker Boraj: The Lord Reclaimer")


You will receive: 10g 20s


Lyalia is the only family I have left. I had to bury her mother during the war of Ahn'Qiraj.


Thank you for avenging my daughter. I am not willing to let her stay dead, however.


  • 129000 XP


The setup

Back down to the southwest to the southern end of the Ruins of Korja. Lyalia and Kor Bloodtusk are trapped in a net. Speak with her:

It... it's a trap...
Gossip <Try to untie Lyalia.>
Brojai teleports in.
Groundkeeper Brojai says: You fail to bend the knee to our power? Then die like the vermin you are.
Brojai smites Kor and Lyalia, killing both.
Sunwalker Dezco yells: KOR! NOOOOOOO!
Lorekeeper Vaeldrin yells: LYALIA! NOOOOOOOO!

The fight begins. The Sunwalker Dezco and Lorekeeper Vaeldrin will come out swinging at each other, and not the mogu, so ignore them and keep attention on Brojai. Every now and then Brojai will stop what he's doing and channel Revive Guardian on one of the statues to activate it.

Groundbreaker Brojai is reviving a Ruined Guardian.
Groundkeeper Brojai yells: Guardian! Awaken and defend your master!

The Ruined Guardian has 107,000 health, so quickly take it out then go back to Brojai.

The aftermath

On victory:

Vaeldrin and Dezco walk up to the corpses of Lyalia and Kor and stare each other down.
Lorekeeper Vaeldin says: What now, Sunwalker?
Sunwalker Dezco says: I think we have both lost enough today, old elf. See to your dead.
Lorekeeper Vaeldin says: Agreed.
Vaeldrin kneels down to Lyalia's body.
Lorekeeper Vaeldrin says: Lyalia! I am so sorry, my child.
Lorekeeper Vaeldin says: <Name>, meet me at the Sentinel Basecamp. I must bring my daughter's body there. We still have the Water of Youth.
The four NPCs despawn.

Head back to the basecamp to turn in.


  1. A [87] Going on the Offensive
  2. A [87] No Sister Left Behind & A [87] Sever Their Supply Line & A [87] Re-Reclaim
  3. A [87] The Mantid & A [87] The Stoneplow Convoy
  4. A [87] The Lord Reclaimer
  5. A [87] The Waters of Youth
  6. A [87] Warn Stoneplow

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