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The Lords of Water

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NeutralThe Lords of Water





120 (Requires 120)


World Quest




  • Choose a Water Lord (1)
  • Naga forces broken


Kelfin Scout says: Uh, do you know a huge guy made of water? Has an army of elementals? He's asking for you. Better not keep him waiting.


You will receive:


Kelfin Scout says: Hey, you think you can convince that guy to come along and crush more of the naga? He made it look easy.



Greetings mortal. The naga have committed a grand crime against the power of my master, Neptulon.

The magic of the Tidestone is the magic of titans. Even now, that ancient power holds him at bay just as it holds back the sea. However, it cannot hold back his justice.

Will you join me in quelling these naga for their defiance of the great Neptulon?

Gossip I am ready.

Duke Hydraxis has the following abilities:

  • Hand of Neptulon
  • Crashing Waves
  • Surge
  • Gift of the Tides

Mortal! I have been sent by the great Neptulon to bring ruin and judgment upon these current befouling fools that would destroy our world.

The power of the Tidestone holds the great Neptulon back, but together, you with your Heart of Azerite, and I with the full might of the undercurrent, can join forces and deliver justice upon these villains.

Join me in battle, and together we shall crush them beneath the very water they breath.

Gossip I am ready.

Champion Aquaclease has the following abilities:

  • Drenching Punch
  • Throw Globule
  • Roaring Torrent
  • Cleansing Current
Water lord chosen
Come, little Champion, and let us drown our enemies in the tides of justice!

Kill Zanj'ir Scaleguards, Zanj'ir Stormcallers, and Harpoon Cannons.

Aquaclease killing the enemies
  • Champion Aquaclease says: By Water be purged!
  • Champion Aquaclease says: Fall before the tide of justice!
  • Champion Aquaclease says: Drown in your failure!
  • Champion Aquaclease says: Your fire is quenched!
  • Champion Aquaclease says: You cannot stand against the flood!
  • Champion Aquaclease says: Drown on this!
Hydraxis killing the enemies
  • Duke Hydraxis says: Neptulon reigns upon you!
  • Duke Hydraxis says: Drown in the tides of vengeance!
  • Duke Hydraxis says: Neptulon reigns upon you!
  • Duke Hydraxis says: Splashing!
Aquaclease, after completion

Thank you, champion, for your aid earlier today. Long have the naga contaminated these waters with their filth. It is good that the world unite[sic] under one current to crush these warped creatures upon the very rocky shores they seek to invade.

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