The Mad Magus

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NeutralThe Mad Magus






Extract the soul of Mad Magus Tirth.

  • Mad Magus Tirth's soul extracted

Provided item:  [Soul Stick]


There's only one ting left dat we can do. Ya gotta slay someone with the big mojo in Tony's presence.

No, not me!

Ol' Magus Tirth went crazy when he tried ta stop the waters rushin' in at the Cataclysm. Now he be hauntin' the area just south of the Holdfast.

Take dis soul stick an' use it on his corpse, mon. Then bring Tony back an' we be gettin' him back in his body.

Ya can use me spirit portal ta get down there an' back.

("Extract his soul.")


Choose your reward:
Inv jewelry ring 03.png [Discarded Wedding Band] Inv chest cloth 88v4.png [Magus Tirth's Robe]
Inv belt 90.png [Holdfast Belt] Inv pants mail 40v2.png [Ghostcaller's Leggings]
Inv sword 16.png [Alimony]

You will also receive: 1g 15s


Ya gotta use the stick on Tirth's corpse if ya gonna help, <name>.


Now we gonna bring Tony Two-Tusk back ta life. You both ready, mon?


Take the portal to Tirith's Haunt to save another annoying run across the length of the Holdfast. There, at [85.1, 91.8] is Tirth, a level 42 human with 3302 health, who is tormenting "Plucky" Johnson by throwing various spells at him and the chickens following him around, along with some taunts:

  • I know what I'm having for dinner tonight and it rhymes with "Sucky"!
  • I could have stopped the sea if not for your incessant clucking!
  • Stand still you worthless chicken!

Kill him and take through the portal back to her camp north of the holdfast.

On complete:

Tony Two-Tusk yells: I LIVE!
Tony Two-Tusk yells: Thanks, mon. You've been true to your word and I can respect that.
Tony Two-Tusk yells: I need to get back. I'm sure we'll cross paths again. Next time, I'll get to return the favor.
Tony Two-Tusk yells: Bye, hon. See you later tonight.
Ajamon Ghostcaller says: No you won't, Tony. Go away, I'm busy summoning up a date for later!

This concludes Tony's chain. Finish up B [41] Quiet the Cannons and B [41] A Little Payback, then either head back to the speedbarge to turn those two quests in, or head elsewhere. Splithoof Heights, to the north at [91.4, 57.8] for B [41] Negotiations is closest.


  1. A [41] Where's Wizzle?/H [41] Where's Synge?
  2. B [41] Sunken Treasure
  3. B [42] Two-Tusk Takedown
  4. N [41] Haunted
  5. N [42] With a Little Help...
  6. N [42] Carcass Collection
  7. N [42] The Mad Magus

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