The Maelstrom (quest)

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Alliance & HordeThe Maelstrom
Start Alliance Naraat the Earthspeaker
Horde Farseer Krogar
End Thrall [33.4, 50.2]
Level 82 (Requires 82)
Category Deepholm
Experience 3500
Reputation +10 Earthen Ring
Rewards 82s
Next N [82] Deepholm, Realm of Earth


Go through the Portal to the Maelstrom and speak to Thrall.


Thank the spirits you're here, <name>.

We're not sure how much longer we can maintain the rift in the Maelstrom.

Our most powerful members, led by Thrall, are barely preventing the tear.

Last I heard, our only hope was to go through the breach and attempt to stabilize it from the other side.

I will conjure a portal. Take it and report to Thrall as soon as you can.


You will receive: 82s


<Thrall's muscles strain as primal energy flows through him. His eyes shift your way, acknowledging your arrival.>

It is good to see you, <name>.


This quest starts the Deepholm storyline. It can be found in the post-Cataclysm portal areas set up by the Earthen Ring either northwest of Stormwind Keep or northeast of the Valley of Wisdom.

Optional breadcrumbs to this quest include:


Optional breadcrumbs:

  1. N [82] The Maelstrom
  2. N [82] Deepholm, Realm of Earth
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N [82] Diplomacy First
  5. Complete all of:
  6. N [82] Take No Prisoners / N [82] On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner
  7. N [82] Some Spraining to Do
  8. N [82] Return to the Temple of Earth
  9. N [82] Deathwing's Fall
  10. N [82] Bleed the Bloodshaper
  11. N [82] Question the Slaves
  12. N [82] The Forgemaster's Log
  13. N [82] Silvermarsh Rendezvous
  14. N [82] Quicksilver Submersion
  15. N [82] The Twilight Overlook
  16. N [82] Big Game, Big Bait / N [82] To Catch a Dragon
  17. N [82] Testing the Trap
  18. N [82] Abyssion's Minions / N [82] Block the Gates
  19. N [82] The World Pillar Fragment

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