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Master's Glaive

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This article is about the zone. For the quest, see A [17] The Master's Glaive.
The Master's Glaive

The Master's Glaive[39, 87] is located in the southwest part of Darkshore. It is a massive, adamantine glaive embedded in the skull of Soggoth the Slitherer, Herald of the Old Gods.[1] Onu, the Ancient of Lore, said that an "old, old lord of the earth" fell here, and sent players to investigate.[2]


Soggoth's remains from the air. Note the size comparison with the cultists at the bottom of the picture.

The Explorers' League members excavating Remtravel's Excavation discovered tablets that explains the history of the Master's Glaive. The site was witness to an ancient battle, one between Soggoth the Slitherer and no less than twenty Stone giants sent by the titans. So terrible was the battle, only the largest giant, named Kronn, survived. He allowed himself to be entangled by Soggoth's tendrils -- just long enough to be lifted close enough to Soggoth's skull and within reach of his mighty sword. His sword, of course, became known as the Master's Glaive.

While it was once a night elf holy place, the area is now under the control of the Twilight's Hammer, who has begun excavating Soggoth's remains with the intention of restoring them to life.

Soggoth the Slitherer remains in the Master's Glaive in Cataclysm

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

The Horde took the Master's Glaive after a battle with the night elves,[3] and it remained a battlefield between the Horde and the night elves during the War of the Thorns.

By the Battle for Darkshore, the area had been retaken by the Twilight's Hammer who succeeded in reviving Soggoth.


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Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

In the RPG

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To the west of Darkshore stands a mysterious monument, a massive adamantine glaive buried in an unmovable boulder called the Old God Skull. The night elves consider this a sacred area, as they believe the mysterious titans, creators of the world, are the only ones who could have wielded the gigantic glaive.[4] It appears as a snail shell-like skull, with a massive weapon embedded in the crown.[5] It is believed that a titan killed one of the Old Gods or one of their minions here.[5] This unusual monument is surrounded by a small lake. While it was once a night elf holy place, the area is now under the control of the Twilight's Hammer. They believe the statue is some sort of divine corpse — the remains of an Old God. The term "Master's Glaive" refers to part of the monument — the sword embedded in the skull.[5] The being is also described as a "dead" forgotten one in Ashenvale at the Master's Glaive.[6]



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It is confusing why the titans would have impaled a minion of the Old Gods and left such a powerful a weapon in its dead corpse. Some theorize that the sword in its remains prevents it from regenerating and putting Azeroth in danger once again.