The Master Explorer

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AllianceThe Master Explorer
Start Creteus
End Brann Bronzebeard
Level 80 (Requires 77)
Category Storm Peaks
Experience 2200
Reputation +10 Explorers' League
Previous A [80] Fury of the Frostborn King
Next A [80] The Brothers Bronzebeard


Bring Norgannon's Core to Brann Bronzebeard in the Engine of the Makers.


Combining the keystone will require Norgannon's Binding - a device located in the Engine of the Makers, the large pit beside us. Brann should be down there with the other half of the keystone now. I have instructed him on the use of the device. He awaits your presence.

I will do what I can to keep the iron dwarves occupied, but I do not have confidence that I will hold them for long. King Stormheart is returning to the defense of Frosthold with some of his men shortly. Please hurry, <race>.


Hey there, <lad/lass>! Good to meet ya in person. Did you find it?


You're brilliant, <lad/lass>! Brilliant! This will be a glorious day indeed.

Quickly, hand me the core before those iron dwarves make their way down here.


  1. A [80] On Brann's Trail
  2. A [80] Sniffing Out the Perpetrator
  3. A [80] Pieces to the Puzzle
  4. A [80] Data Mining
  5. A [80] The Library Console
  6. A [80] Norgannon's Shell
  7. A [80] Aid from the Explorers' League
  8. A [80] The Frostborn King
  9. A [80] Fervor of the Frostborn
  10. A [80] An Experienced Guide
  11. A [80] The Lonesome Watcher
  12. A [80] Fate of the Titans
  13. A [80] The Hidden Relic
  14. A [80] Fury of the Frostborn King
  15. A [80] The Master Explorer
  16. A [80] The Brothers Bronzebeard
  17. N [78 Daily] Pushed Too Far

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