The Missing Diplomat (17)

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AllianceThe Missing Diplomat

38 (Requires 38)




+500 Alliance


This quest completes the quest chain The Missing Diplomat.


Let me be first to thank you for all you've done, <name>. You have been an incredible blessing to my people and the people of Stormwind. I am sorry I couldn't make your acquaintance under better circumstances.

Understand also that I cannot overtly thank you for your efforts, but I assure you again, it is appreciated.

When you visit Theramore in the future, seek me out and I shall try to keep you appraised of the situation.

Thank you again, <name>.


  • +500 reputation with the Alliance (all factions)
  • 430 XP
  • 1g 30s
You are also given this
Inv jewelry ring 05.png [Jaina's Signet Ring]


  • If Lady Proudmoore teleported away before you could talk to her (or if you were unable to accept her quest for some reason), she can be found in the tower in Theramore.

After turning in the quest

If you talk to Lady Proudmoore again, she says...

Hendel is in our custody now, <name>, thanks to you.
Although the questioning goes slowly, I assure you, he will tell us everything he knows.
For now, please be patient. I will contact you immediately if we have need of your assistance.
Until then, please, enjoy Theramore and I invite you to stay for as long as you like within our city's walls as a friend of the Alliance.


This is the quest chain The Missing Diplomat.

  1. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  2. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  3. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  4. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  5. A [30] The Missing Diplomat
  6. A [30] The Missing Diplomat
  7. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  8. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  9. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  10. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  11. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  12. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  13. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  14. A [35] The Missing Diplomat
  15. A [36] The Missing Diplomat
  16. A [38] The Missing Diplomat
  17. A [38] The Missing Diplomat

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