The Missing Diplomat (2)

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AllianceThe Missing Diplomat

28 (Requires 28)


230 (or 1s 50c at level 70)


+25 City


This quest is part of the quest chain The Missing Diplomat.


Find Jorgen in Stormwind City.


Recently a diplomat was sent to Theramore to meet with Jaina Proudmoore. That diplomat never arrived.

I believe the Defias are involved in this plot, but I'm not sure how. The diplomat's disappearance still eludes public attention, but it can't remain that way for long.

Agents of the king are already scouring the city for clues, but I have my own contacts I would like involved.

In the Valley of Heroes is an old friend of mine named Jorgen. Find him, give him this note, and follow his instructions.


Hmph, you better have good reason to interrupt a man and his fishin'. I don't take kindly to peddlers, let alone beggars.


Hmm... <Jorgen looks up at you through squinted eyes.>

All right. I'll help ya, but not because I want to, but because I'm obligated.

And let's get one thing straight: you're knowin' far more than you should to begin with. Let's keep this our little secret, and don't go blabbin' at any taverns about anything you find out. Understand?



Jorgen is found in that seldom-explored area of Stormwind just inside the front gates.

This quest introduces you to more of the stormwind intrigue you may have seen in the Defias Brotherhood and the Lescovar Incident.


This is the quest chain The Missing Diplomat.

  1. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  2. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  3. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  4. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  5. A [30] The Missing Diplomat
  6. A [30] The Missing Diplomat
  7. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  8. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  9. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  10. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  11. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  12. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  13. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  14. A [35] The Missing Diplomat
  15. A [36] The Missing Diplomat
  16. A [38] The Missing Diplomat
  17. A [38] The Missing Diplomat

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