The Mogu's Message

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NeutralThe Mogu's Message
Zhi and the Golden Lotus cut down

90 (Requires 90)




9g 92s 50c



Speak to Zhi the Harmonious at The Silent Sanctuary in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


The battle against the mogu rages fiercely with neither side giving quarter.

We cannot hold our position forever. Something must be done to strike a blow at the mogu, a blow from which they cannot recover.

Go check in with Zhi the Harmonious at The Silent Sanctuary. I wish to hear his thoughts on this matter.


You will receive: 9g 92s 50c


Zhi the Harmonious and the defenders were slaughtered mercilessly.

Your senses tingle. You realize that the Thunder King's treasures are gone!



Fly southwest between the Tu Shen Burial Ground and Mistfall Village on the small rise just to the east of the village and enter the Silent Sanctuary. Unfortunately, the mogu got there first, as all of the Golden Lotus defenders and Zhi the Harmonious are dead. Zhi can be found where he was left right in front of where the Thunder King's treasure was located...

On complete:

Shao-Tien Executioner says: Those who steal from the mogu will be punished.
Shao-Tien Executioner says: Your people are lost. Even as we speak the mogu are overtaking your precious Vale.
Shao-Tien Executioner says: The Thunder King will rise again!

Four Shao-Tien executioners spawn, aggroed on the adventurer. Take them all out, then pick up N [90] What Comes to Pass from Zhi's corpse.


At neutral:
Optional breadcrumb: B [90] The Golden Lotus

  1. N [90] The Ruins of Guo-Lai
  2. N [90] Out with the Scouts & N [90] Barring Entry
  3. N [90] Killing the Quilen & N [90] Stones of Power
  4. N [90] The Guo-Lai Halls

At honored:

At revered:

  1. N [90] Battle Spear of the Thunder King
  2. N [90] Battle Helm of the Thunder King
  3. N [90] Battle Axe of the Thunder King

At exalted:

  1. N [90] The Mogu's Message
  2. N [90] What Comes to Pass
  3. N [90] The Might of Three
  4. N [90] The Final Power

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