The Mosshide Job

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AllianceThe Mosshide Job
Start Shilah Slabchisel [26.8, 26.0]
End Shilah Slabchisel [26.8, 26.0]
Level 23 (Requires 21)
Category Wetlands
Experience 1850
Reputation +250 Ironforge
Rewards  [Ingot-Handler Gloves],  [Royal Treasury Courier's Shield],  [Accountant's Lantern]
Previous A [23] Dinosaur Crisis
Next A [23] Dark Iron Trappers, A [23] Gnoll Escape


Recover 8 Ironforge Ingots from Mosshide Gnolls.


You seem trustworthy enough to help me out with my real problem, <name>. I was sent here by Ironforge to recover a shipment of gold ingots.

The ingots are part of the Ironforge Royal Treasury, stamped with the royal seal... only an idiot would steal them for profit, far to easy to trace. Oddly enough, this area is full of idiots: Mosshide gnolls.

I don't know how many gnolls you've fought before, but they're foul and brutal beasts, and dangerous. I need you to slay them and recover the missing ingots.


You will be able to choose one of:

Inv gauntlets 16.png [Ingot-Handler Gloves] Inv shield 06.png [Royal Treasury Courier's Shield]
Inv misc lantern 01.png [Accountant's Lantern]

You will also receive: 15s


There should be about eight ingots stolen.


Well done! The Ironforge Guard appreciates this, <name>. You've done our city a fine favor.

But something new has come up...


Pick up A [23] Gizmos and Gadgets before leaving camp. Head east. Kill gnolls while picking up the sparkly gizmos lying about.


  1. A [23] Swiftgear Station (optional breadcrumb from Menethil Harbor)
  2. A [23] Dinosaur Crisis
  3. A [23] The Mosshide Job
  4. A [23] Dark Iron Trappers & A [23] Gnoll Escape
  5. A [23] Yorla Darksnare
  6. A [23] Whelgar's Retreat (optional breadcrumb to Whelgar's Retreat)
  7. A [23] When Archaeology Attacks & A [23] Tooling Around & A [23] Strike the Earth!
  8. A [23] The Angerfang Menace
  9. A [24] Who Wards The Greenwarden (optional breadcrumb to Greenwarden's Grove)

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