The Mountain Stirs

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NeutralThe Mountain Stirs
Level 110 (760)
Duration 7 hrs
Followers 3
Type Generic
Enemies Mountain King
Servant Army of Skovald
Cost 150 Order Resources
Champion XP 3,000
Bonus Chest One of:
 [Brulstone Fishing Sinker]
 [Burrowing Worm Mandible]
 [Highmountain Mystic's Totem]
 [Primitive Roggtotem]
 [Witch-Harpy Talon]
Bonus Roll  [Seal of Leadership]


In the Halls of the Mountain King, the drogbar and vrykul are conducting all manner of strange rituals, harnessing the power of the mountain. Put a stop to it.


  • Mountain King: Powerful
  • Servant Army of Skovald: Cursed Disorienting Lethal Powerful Slowing
  • Avalanche: Cursed Disorienting Lethal Slowing


  • 3,000 follower XP


You will receive one of the following:
Inv stone weightstone 07.png [Brulstone Fishing Sinker] Achievement faction klaxxi.png [Burrowing Worm Mandible]
Ability shaman condensationtotem.png [Highmountain Mystic's Totem] Misc drogbartotem02.png [Primitive Roggtotem]
Inv weapon shortblade 28.png [Witch-Harpy Talon]

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