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The Needs of the Many

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Not to be confused with The Needs of the Many (mission) or B [100] Needs of the Many.
AllianceThe Needs of the Many

120 (Requires 120)




A [120] Bring the Base


Accompany Grong to Xibala.


Ever since the kaja'mite began bubbling around the gorge, I have been searching for meaning. Why was I burdened with intelligence? What is my purpose?

I have found my answers in the Embiggifier.

I was meant to help the Alliance defeat the Horde.

If I can save lives by volunteering, then my choice is clear.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of one.

I am ready, <name>.


You will receive:


You don't disappoint, <name>. Grong is the answer to all our problems.

I'll just need him to sign a few dozen documents before we get started. All standard stuff, I assure you.


Accompany Grong to Xibala

Click on Grong to ride on his shoulders.

Grong says: Let us head to Xibala; to my destiny!
Da'kani Highbrow says: Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
Da'kani Highbrow says: For Grong!
Da'kani Highbrow says: For Grong!
He runs out of the grotto and stuns any goblins in his path. He talks while leaping down ledges.
Grong says: I know what you must be thinking. Why would any otherwise intelligent beast choose this path for himself?
Grong says: When I heard the gnomes were planning a move against the Horde, I knew I needed to lend my aid.
Grong says: Their device was rudimentary at first, barely able to double the target's size.
Grong says: With my help, the embiggifier now converts intelligence into brute strength.
Grong says: Being the smartest of my kind, it made sense to be the volunteer.
Grong says: It is not without risk, however.
Grong says: The likelihood that my sharp wit will lose its edge is high.
Grong says: But as long as I keep this handsome face, should I really care?
Grong says: I use humor to mask my anxiety.
Grong says: Between friends, I am a little nervous.
Grong says: Mostly I worry I won't be good enough.
Grong says: I want to exceed everyone's expectations.
Grong says: But we're in this together, <name>, right? You won't let me fail.
Grong says: I want to become so colossal that the Horde trembles in fear at the sight of me!
Grong says: Whatever the cost, it will be worth it to see the Horde pay for what they have done.
Grong says: I know the risks, <name>. And I accept them.
Grong says: I am ready to become a weapon of the Alliance.

At Xibala you are dismounted but Grong has gossip you can peruse.

This is my destiny, <name>.
  • Gossip Are you sure you want to do this?
As sure as I've ever been about anything.
If I can help, I must help.
Don't waste your worry on me. I am prepared for what will come.
You should prepare yourself, too.
  • Gossip What is kaja'mite?
Plainly speaking, kaja'mite is an ore with remarkable properties and a sordid history.
When first discovered, it was used upon test subjects to determine its usefulness.
The results of these questionable studies showed a steady increase in intelligence when consumed, followed by a marked decline when removed from the diet.


  1. A [120] Changing Course (optional)
  2. A [120] Sensitive Intel
  3. A [120] This is Huge!
  4. A [120] Real Big Power
  5. A [120] A Beast with Brains
  6. A [120] Out of Options & A [120] Freedom for the Da'kani
  7. A [120] Bittersweet Goodbyes
  8. A [120] The Needs of the Many
  9. A [120] Bring the Base
  10. A [120] Fit for Grong & A [120] Calibrate the Core
  11. A [120] The Embiggining
  12. A [120] Total Temple Destruction
  13. A [120] A Nice Nap
  14. A [120] The Sleeper Agent

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