The Pearlfin Situation

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AllianceThe Pearlfin Situation

Pearlfin Village
Start Rell Nightwind [58.9, 81.9]
End Rell Nightwind [58.9, 81.9]
Level 86 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 110000
Reputation +2500 Pearlfin Jinyu
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous A [86] Jailbreak
Next A [86] Family Heirlooms, A [86] The Elder's Instruments


Speak to Elder Lusshan, Pearlkeeper Fujin, Instructor Sharpfin, and Ot-Temmdo at Pearlfin Village.


I've been thinking.

We are cut off from support and a long way from home.

Although these Pearlfin jinyu mistrust our presence, they do not appear to be hostile.

If we could convince them that we are their friends, an alliance between our races could prove extremely valuable.

<Name>, you must go speak to the jinyu around the village.

Convince their leaders that we are not to be feared, and that we only wish for peace.


You will receive: 9g 80s


If we can win over the jinyu, they may allow us to stay.


It sounds like you made quite the good impression.

Well done, <name>!



Pick up A [86] Road Rations before heading out. The first two NPCs are just to the north. Tortoises are in the water. Swimspeed/waterbreathing given by the jinyu helps. The other two are down at the south end of the island.

Pearlkeeper Fujin:

  • The safety of the tribe is my foremost concern. Do you blame me for being cautious?
  • Why have you come here? What are your intentions?
  • You say you come in peace, yet you wear strong armor and wield many weapons.
How do you explain that?
Gossip Please allow us a chance to prove our friendship. We wish you no harm.
Pearlkeeper Fujin says: No harm? Pah! Many thousand years ago, the Pearlfin Tribe stood on the throne of all Pandaria. Now, this village is all that is left of our people, all because we trusted a tribe of outsiders... the hozen.


I hear that with fire and force you shape metals for war. I can achieve this through the pressures of water and a mastery of their densities.
Gossip What are you doing?
Ot-Temmdo says: Ah, you must be the outsider. Sadly, I am making weapons for war. Once, not long ago, I made instruments for prayer and celebration. It is this war that makes everyone stand on edge.

Instructor Sharpfin:

  • The hozen rely on dirty guerilla tactics. Ambushes and traps. It is sad to say, but they seem to outwit us at every turn.
  • The stronger our defenders, the greater our chance of survival. But that should be obvious, even to someone like you.
  • We are masters of the water, which is why we have been able to defend this village for so long. But on land, especially with thick tree cover, the hozen are vastly superior.
  • I am teaching our warriors everything I know. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be enough.
  • We must train harder.
Gossip My friends and I come with peaceful intentions.
Instructor Sharpfin says: Action speaks louder than intent, stranger. My warriors intend to seek retribution, but only practice will make it so. Now go away. We are busy.

Elder Lusshan:

  • It has been a long time since we welcomed visitors to our village.
  • The great river flows through us all. Some prefer to surrender themselves to the water's path. Others swim toward certain shores.
Which are you, stranger? Where will your river take you?
  • Look around you. See how the waters bring life.
We are grateful for our blessings, and we rejoice in our people.
  • Have you seen our lake, so calm and still? That is how we like it. Constant. Unmoving. We do not bear change.
  • I doubt that we will ever win against the hozen.
  • Once, when I was young, I dreamt of ending this war against the hozen. Now, I fear I will not see such a day before my death.
Gossip I come from the Alliance. We wish to be allies, not enemies.
Elder Lusshan says: Stranger, have you ever seen a stone fall into a calm lake? Every action creates a ripple, even accepting a pledge of friendship. I shall think upon your request.

On complete:

Rell Nightwind says: Well, you have done what you could through diplomacy. Now, we can only prove ourselves to the Pearlfin through our deeds.


  1. A [86] The Missing Admiral
  2. A [86] The Path of War & A [86] Freeing Our Brothers & A [86] Ancient Power
  3. A [86] Kung Din
  4. A [86] Jailbreak
  5. A [86] The Pearlfin Situation & A [86] Road Rations
  6. A [86] Family Heirlooms & A [86] The Elder's Instruments
  7. A [86] Spirits of the Water

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