The Pools of Youth (Alliance)

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AllianceThe Pools of Youth
The Water of Youth



87 (Requires 86)




Item level 399 cloaks
10g 20s


A [87] Immortality?


Obtain some of the Water of Youth.


The Pools of Youth

North! Go north to the Pools of Youth. Get some of the water but be on your guard.

The mogu list this as a "high value" target. Kang Bramblestaff will meet you there if he has not already arrived by your side.

("Lorekeeper Vaeldin: A sense of urgency fills you.")


Item level 399 cloaks
Inv cape pandaria b 04.png [Drape of the Lagoon] Inv cape panprog b 01.png [Waterfall Drape]
Inv cape panprog b 01.png [Canopy Drape] Inv cape panprog b 02.png [Greenback Cape]
Inv cape panprog b 01.png [Balmy Drape]

You will also receive: 10g 20s


Nothing like being mortal to give one a sense of urgency.


You... you found the pools! The waters do exist!

Something is wrong, though. I feel equal parts shadow and light swirling in this vial.


  • 129000 XP


Brojai is unhappy that Na Lek has been freed

Just to the northwest of the dominator's position is a bridge. Cross it to reach the Pools of Youth, where Na Lek is frozen in the middle of the pool. Speak with him:

<Na Lek smiles at you, and you feel young as though you have not felt in years.>
Gossip Attempt to free Na Lek from his prison.
Groundbreaker Brojai teleports in.
Groundbreaker Brojai yells: Halt, supplicant! These waters belong to the Thunder King. Your presence is unwelcome.
Groundbreaker Brojai yells: Guardians! Kill these intruders.

Four Sleeping Guardians, level 86 quilen with 184,000 health, awaken and have the following ability:

  • Petrifying Strike — Inflict 110% weapon damage and petrify the target reducing movement speed and haste by 10% for 10 sec. Instant. Stacks.

However, players will not have to fight all by themselves, as Na Lek channels a healing aura that heals for 3583 health a tick.

On victory:

Na Lek embues <name> with gratitude and returns to the waters of the pool.
Kang Bramblestaff says: Look at that. The little guy left you some purified water.

Loot one of the water pools, jump down to the lower road and return to the Incursion.


Optional breadcrumb: A [85] Kang Bramblestaff

  1. A [87] The Arcanic Oubliette
  2. A [87] The Lost Dynasty & A [87] Blind Them! & A [87] Squirmy Delight
  3. Complete all of:
  4. A [87] Immortality?

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