The Prophet's Final Message

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AllianceThe Prophet's Final Message

92 (Requires 90)




9g 20s


The Prophet's Final Message is given from  [The Prophet's Arcanum], which is mailed by Yrel after completing A [92] The Defense of Karabor.


Deliver the Prophet's Arcanum to Prophet Velen's Memorial beneath the Coliseum of Light in Shadowmoon Valley.


This unassuming iridescent crystal contains some of the final thoughts of Great Prophet Velen, created sometime in the hours before he confronted Ner'zhul.

Deliver the crystal to Prophet Velen's Memorial beneath the Coliseum of Light near Karabor to hear his final message.


You will receive: 9g 20s


The arcanum hums in your hand as you get close to the memorial.


The shrine has dozens of niches where the Prophet's followers have placed their own memory crystals, mourning the great leader's sacrifice. You slide the crystal into an empty socket and the memorial comes to life...

The recording starts and an image of Prophet Velen appears, standing in front of the memorial.
Greetings, savior of my people!
If you are hearing this message, it means that I am no more - but Karabor is safe.
I owe you an explanation.
The naaru that we draenei revere are creatures of pure light.
But if their death is near, they lose their essence, collapsing into creatures of shadow.
When we draenei first arrived on this world, naaru accompanied us. But they could not stop our vessel from crashing.
The "Dark Star" that appeared in the skies above Draenor that terrible night was no celestial body.
It was a fallen naaru, ejected from our vessel in moments of panic and terror. Its name was K'ara.
What was once a creature of faith and beauty became a dark and hungering God, a living font of darkness.
We owed K'ara a great debt. Without the naaru's aid, my people would never have escaped our homeworld of Argus.
To see K'ara's transformation into shadow was a heavy burden to bear. When the naaru returned to us... I did what I had to do.
Remember, life is the light, and light is life itself. They may be exchanged, but nothing is ever lost.
I only hope my people will understand.
Velen bows and the recording ends.

While Velen's text refers to K'ara with the gender-neutral "it", his voice says "she". This was eventually patched however.


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