The Purge of Veil Shadar

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NeutralThe Purge of Veil Shadar

95 (Requires 94)




Item level 543 necklaces
13g 40s



Help 8 Arakkoa Outcasts evacuate from Veil Shadar.

  • Outcast evacuated x8


Not all arakkoa are alike.

<Iskar lifts his sleeve to reveal a mangled, useless wing.>

It is no illusion. They did this to me. Before I was even given a name, I was given a place in society: at the bottom.

We are many. We make our homes in the places this world has forgotten.

Veil Shadar was such a place, but the Adherents have found it and started a purge. For morale. For fun.

Help my people escape, and we'll be in your debt.

When the sky burns, it pays to have allies in the shadows.


You will receive one of:

Item level 543 necklaces
Inv misc necklace 6 0 026.png [Shadar Chain Pendant] Inv misc necklace 6 0 027.png [Shadar Gorget]
Inv misc necklace 6 0 022.png [Shadar Medallion]

You will also receive: 13g 40s


Will you help us?


Mark my words, <race>: Aruuna and Veil Shadar were only the beginning.

On completion

Shadow-Sage Iskar says: Remember, <name>: the sun burns the flesh. Only in shadow will you find refuge.
Iskar casts a spell, and he and the other Outcasts vanish.



Pick up N [95] Kura's Vengeance and N [95] Forbidden Knowledge before heading out.

Southeast to Veil Shadar. Keep killing arakkoa for N [95] Burning Sky if necessary. Speak with Outcast Darktalon to send them on their way. Find various books on such enlightening topics as:

  • Act Like a Crone, Think Like a Sage
  • Augury Without Bounds
  • Basketweaving the Sinister Way
  • Curses: A Practical Guide
  • Eat, Scry, Love
  • What Exactly is Scrying Anyway?

...and more in tents and on rocks in Veil Shadar. At the eastern end of the quest area, in a cave just uphill, find Wing-Guard Kuuan.

By this point, the quota for N [95] Burning Sky should be filled, so turn in those quests just to the north of Wing-Guard Kuuan's cave closer to Aruuna.


  1. N [94] As the Smoke Rises (optional breadcrumb)
  2. N [95] Pyrophobia
  3. N [95] What the Draenei Found
  4. N [95] Kura's Vengeance

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