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The Rabbitsfoot

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NeutralThe Rabbitsfoot
Brother Rabbitsfoot

88 (Requires 87)




10g 60s



Rescue the Brother Rabbitsfoot from the Broketooth Outpost.


The Broketooth hozen stole our Rabbitsfoot! He was the grummle with the biggest luckydo.

This is very bad fortune indeed. Please, <race>, we need our Rabbitsfoot back. We need his good fortune back.

Can you search the Broketooth Outpost for him?


You will receive: 10g 60s


  • 162000 XP


Look what Brooketooths and Knucklethumps did to grummle waystation. Hardly a luckydo to be found.

Grummles had deal with hozen. We give them food, they not ravage. Whenever they think to ravage, Shado-Pan remind them not to ravage.

All of Shado-Pan away defending wall now though. And hozen want more food than grummles have.


Head out to the west up the Burlap Trail. On the south side of the trail is the Broketooth Outpost, where Brother Rabbitsfoot is hanging from a tree upside down. Interact with him:

Brother Rabitsfoot says: Many thanks for rescue of most good fortune.

He offers N [88] The Broketooth Ravage. Accept it and Rabbitsfoot will take off to the northeast:

Brother Rabbitsfoot says: Thank you for the rescue! Meet me at Burlap Waystation.

Collect his Luckydo from Mo Mo in the back of the outpost, then follow him to the northeast.


  1. N [88] A Grummle's Luck & N [88] Traffic Issues & N [88] Oil Stop
  2. N [88] Roadside Assistance
  3. N [88] The Burlap Trail: To Burlap Waystation
  4. N [88] The Rabbitsfoot & N [88] The Broketooth Ravage
  5. N [88] A Monkey Idol & N [88] No Pack Left Behind & N [88] Breaking Brooketooth
  6. N [88] Bros Before Hozen
  7. N [88] The Snackrifice & N [88] Thumping Knucklethump & N [88] Hozen Love Their Keys
  8. N [88] Grummle! Grummle! Grummle! & N [88] Unleash The Yeti!
  9. N [88] The Leader Hozen

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