The Real Prey

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HordeThe Real Prey
Grosh the Mighty

92 (Requires 90)




H [92] Lurkers, H [92] Poulticide, H [92] Frosted Fury



Find Iceblister Den and then slay Grosh the Mighty.

Provided item:  [Vial of "Ogron Be-Gone"]


Eh boss-mon. Time for us to be huntin' the real prey now. To the north, there be a cave. In the cave, there be right mean ogron dey call "Grosh the Mighty." That ogron got a big stash of pillaged hides and leathers we gonna be needin' for the troops at the garrison.

I made a special poison from the stuff ya gathered. Dis be a magic poison, and it gonna put that ogron down to sometin' a bit more manageable.

Take these vials to the cave and see if ya can't win us a treasure.


You will receive: 25x [Garrison Resources] and 12g 20s


Why they be killin' five hundred clefthoof when ya can just kill one big ogron dat killed five hundred clefthoof?


Now dat be a mighty fine haul. We gonna be keepin' all the folks at the garrison warm.

It seemed like a simple task but ya tackled it like a boss-mon. If ya need a shadow hunter in your ranks, I be willin' to serve.



Exit camp and run due north. Just past the Ashen Crater is a hole in the ground, the mouth of Iceblister Den. Don't go too far north to the cave marked on the map by the northern flight master.

Inside the main room of the cave, the  [Vial of "Ogron Be-Gone"] lights up the extra action button. Get within about 40 yards of Grosh and use it, which brings up the ground-targeting reticule. Each usage increases Grosh's damage taken by 120% and reduces it's melee haste by 50%, and stacks up to five times. Even then, Grosh only melees for 2-3k on cloth.

Finish the ogron off and run back to Darkspear's Edge to turn in.


  1. H [92] We Be Needin' Supplies (optional breadcrumb)
  2. Complete all of:
  3. H [92] The Real Prey
  4. H [92] Oath of Shadow Hunter Rala

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