The Restless Brood

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NeutralThe Restless Brood

83 (Requires 81)






+350 Therazane


17g 20s




Defeat Aeosera.

  • Pale Resonating Crystal struck
  • Mob Aeosera defeated

Provided item:  [Stonework Mallet]


Aeosera is restless and stubborn. She scoffs are our dominance, and she needs to be reminded of her place.

I still have the mallet you retrieved for me. Return to the western edge of the Pale Roost and strike resonating crystal.

I will meet you there and lend what aid I can. Put her back in her place, <class>.

("Aeosera: The restless broodmother.")


You will receive: 17g 20s


And so continues the cycle of the stone drakes. Tumultuous wills in stoic frames.


You are quite skilled at bending the dragon's will, <race>. I would be jealous of your agility, except that it comes with such a fragile frame.


This quest requires Revered reputation with Therazane to receive.

Fly southwest across the Pale Roost to [32.6, 24.4] where the Pale Resonating Crystal awaits. Strike the gong, then repeat the process of N [83] Resonating Blow to defeat Aeosera:

Terrath the Steady yells: You've strayed too far from the Stonemother's gaze, dragon. It is time that you be put in your place.
Jump from rock to rock to attract the attention of the Broodmother!

Jump up the stairway of rocks by right-clicking on them to reach a "plateau" of rocks all floating at the same height. Keep jumping about until...

The Stone Dragon Broodmother approaches.

Aeosera has one ability:

  • Searing Breath 55 yd range — Sears the target rock with flame, causing Fire damage to any enemy nearby. 0.875 sec cast. 10 sec channel

Aeosera will target the rock the player is standing on, then cast searing breath at it. At the end of the cast, the rock is destroyed!

  • This rock is about to fall! Jump to another!

So... attack quickly and keep moving. Every now and then, selected boulders gain one of two abilities:

  • Crystalline Surge — A pocket of earth energy envelops nearby units, increasing damage by 50%. Lasts 20 sec. Green glow.
  • Crystalline Barrier — A crystalline barrier forms around the resonating stone, causing nearby allies to take 50% less damage and regenerate 5% of their maximum health every second. Lasts 20 sec. Gold glow. Also regenerates mana for mana-using classes.

She has 375,000 health and will submit after getting knocked down to 70,000 health or so.

The Stone Dragon Broodmother bows her head in surrender.
Terrath the Steady yells: She submits. Well done, fleshling.

If players can force her to submit and turn the quest in to Terrath within 90 seconds of striking the crystal, they will be awarded the achievement [My Very Own Broodmother].

It is actually quite easy to accomplish if multiple players are doing the encounter at the same time. Let some other player start the event and get thrown by Terrath, then quickly bang the gong and head up to the top. Try to stay on the boulders glowing green and pop trinkets/cooldowns. Quickly get to Terrath after she submits and turn in.


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