The Restless Watch

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NeutralThe Restless Watch
Scout Jai-gan at Shallowstep Pass

89 (Requires 88)




+100 Shado-Pan


Item level 429 rings



Deliver return orders to Scout Wei-Chin, Scout Long, Scout Ying, and Scout Jai-gan.


I'm being told that our scouts have been on duty in Shallowstep Pass for more than 2 days straight, no rest. No wonder mantid are slipping through. Even the most dedicated scouts would slip with those kinds of shifts.

I want you to go out there and deliver orders to the scouts that they are to return to the blockade immediately for rest and rations. I'll arrange for a new shift to be posted.


Inv jewelry ring 111.png [Ring of Shallowstep Pass] Inv jewelry ring 127.png [Ring of the Watchful Eye]
Inv jewelry ring 118.png [Band of the Faithful Scout] Inv jewelry ring 118.png [Taoshi's Signet]
Inv jewelry ring 116.png [Seal of the Restless Watch]

You will also receive: 11g


The whole blockade is being worked to the bone. We need more men out here.


Thank you. I'll have the new scouts at their posts shortly.



Pick up N [89] Breach in the Defenses and N [89] Trap Setting before heading out.

Toss flares to see the stealthed Krik'thik Scentlayers, who will not aggro unless they take damage. Keep an eye out for spike traps on the ground and reactivate them. Feel free to kite scentlayers onto activated traps for a nice surprise!

Scout Wei-Chin can be found right next to the wall in the northeast part of the pass, just north of east of the questgivers:

I could use a campfire and some warm food right about now. Are you here with good news?
Gossip I have orders for you to return to the blockade.
Scout-Wei-Chin says: Even better news than I was hoping. I look forward to a warm bed.

Maybe a hundred yards to the southwest in the blue grass on a small rise is Scout Long:

We've been at this post for days with no sleep. You've no idea how badly I want to just lie down.
Gossip I have orders for you to return to the blockade.
Scout Long says: Let my replacement know that a lot of mantid have been trying to sneak through the main channel. This is no easy post.

Head southeast to the wall corner to find Scout Ying near a small monument.

A happy face is welcome around here. Happen to bring some rations?
Gossip I have orders for you to return to the blockade.
Scout Ying says: Even better than rations. Res. I thought I'd be out here a while yet.

Finally, head west to find Scout Jai-gan, overlooking the sha-corrupted path into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms:

I've never seen them in such numbers...
Gossip I have orders for you to return to the blockade.
Scout Jai-gan says: That swarm is what we have to look forward to. Ancestors help us if they decide to turn on the blockade.

Head back to the entrance of the Gao-Ran Battlefront to turn in.


Optional breadcrumb: N [89] Gao-Ran Battlefront

  1. N [89] Behind the Battlefront
  2. N [89] Treatment for the Troops
  3. N [89] Unwelcome Intruders
  4. N [89] Breach in the Defenses & N [89] The Restless Watch
  5. N [89] Returning from the Pass
  6. N [89] The Endless Swarm & N [89] Back on Their Feet & N [89] Rummaging Through the Remains
  7. N [89] Improvised Ammunition
  8. N [89] Cutting the Swarm
  9. N [89] Terror of the Dread Wastes

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