The Rider of the Unholy

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NeutralThe Rider of the Unholy



Group (5)




N [80] Generosity Abounds, N [80] Matchmaker & N [80] Stunning View



Vereth the Cunning on the Rise of Suffering wants you to kill Rokir, the Rider of the Unholy.

Suggested Players [5]


It's time that we start cutting off the heads of the beast.

I served beside Rokir for quite some time. He knows the unholy arts better than most any other death knight I've met and he's equally as ruthless.

Rokir's strengths are most apparent when you are fighting him on his own ground. Sadly, we don't have much option in those regards, but stay on your feet to avoid his undead minions and you should come out victorious.

Be nimble, <class>, and do not take him lightly.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv gauntlets 07.png [Discarded Slaughterhouse Gloves] Inv boots chain 07.png [Blood-Encrusted Boots]
Inv pants plate 20.png [Plated Legs of the Unholy] Inv wand 12.png [Frail Bone Wand]


Is it done?


The world will be a much better place without Rokir in it - trust me.


Rokir can be found by the altar in the southwest portion of Malykriss, just to the northeast of the Citadel at [56.2, 79.9]

Rokir yells: No shining army? No righteous words? It seems your 'honor' suits you no longer.
Rokir yells: Such noble boasts, but in the end, we've brought you down to reality.
Rokir yells: You too shall serve the Lich King.... your time comes.

You can solo this quest as a Death Knight by popping Army of Dead and spamming Death and Decay and Blood Boil. Make sure you keep him in the Death and Decay for the fight and you should walk away victorious. Army of Dead should hold aggro on him until just under 50% of his health then it's just a race to the death for you. Raise Dead helps here also for more dps on him. (I had 25K health vs his 125K health when I beat him). Don't be afraid when he uses this tactic against you, just make sure you get out of his Death and Decay and place him in yours. Ignore his Army of Dead they should focus on your Army of Dead who are attacking Rokir.


  1. N [80] Parting Gifts
  2. Complete all of the following:
  3. Complete both of the following:
  4. N [80] Vereth the Cunning
  5. N [80] New Recruit
  6. N [80] The Vile Hold
  7. Complete all of the following:
  8. Complete all of the following:
  9. N [80G5] The Fate of Bloodbane

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