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The Right Mech for the Job

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HordeThe Right Mech for the Job

120 (Requires 120)





Fly in the G.M.O.D to Drustvar and defend Krazzlefrazz Outpost.


Okay, <name>, we're good to go. The G.M.O.D has plenty of Azerite to cause some trouble!

We gotta head to my, er, OUR base in Drustvar. Mekkatorque, that freakin' king of the gnomes, is attacking our Azerite supply!

After we take care of the base, we're gonna take care of him! You get what I'm sayin'?


You will receive:


Finally, some support!


You and Gallywix saved us! Never thought I'd say something nice about that chin waggler.


Trade Prince Gallywix says: Okay, hold on. I just gotta figure out which button makes this thing fly...
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Hah! Here we go. Ya better hang on, 'cause this thing is gonna ZOOM. It's fueled by Azerite, baby!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Uhhhh, hold on... I think it's goin' too faaaaaaaaaast!
In Krazzlefrazz
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Whew! This baby can really move. Imagine what it'll do to the Alliance!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: They ain't expectin' us to team up in a G.M.O.D and create some chaos!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: And if anything goes wrong, roadside assistance will come fix it. I got my guys to throw in a warranty at no extra charge!
Professor Krazzlefrazz says: Boss, <name>! You two gotta help, we got mechs from here to Arom's Crossing!
Remote-Controlled Mechanogorilla says: *BZZT* Seriously, did your people iterate on this mech at all? It's barely first pass!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: They got Krazzlefrazz handled now, let's go deal with the rest of this army up ahead!
Remote-Controlled Mechanogorilla says: *BZZT* Goblin slapdashery can never match gnomish technology!
Remote-Controlled Mechanotiger says: *BZZT* I just ran a scan... can your tech really be THAT outdated?!
Remote-Controlled Mechawolf says: *BZZT* Hah! This is just pitiful, Gallywix. You're no match for my creations!
Arom's Stand cleared
Trade Prince Gallywix says: We're cookin' with gas now, AZERITE gas! Hit the big red button and let's see what this thing can really do.
Trade Prince Gallywix says: HAHAHA! Take a good look at what gold and goblins can getcha, Mekkatorque. This baby is brimmin' with Azerite!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Now that's what I'm talkin' about, look at all that Azerite! All that destruction... all that POWER!
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Now THIS is what I paid for! Mekkatorque's got nothin' on this.
Trade Prince Gallywix says: Let's get back to the base, see if we can find where Mekkatorque is controlling these things.


  1. H [120] A Mech for a Goblin
  2. H [120] It Belongs in My Mech! & H [120] Avoiding Lawsuits 101
  3. H [120] The Right Mech for the Job
  4. H [120] Necessary Precautions
  5. H [120] Test Case #1; Mech vs. Mekkatorque
  6. H [120] Insurance Policy
  7. H [120] Insurance Renewal, H [120] Killing on the Side & H [120] Mekkatorque's Battle Plans
  8. H [120] Mech versus Airship
  9. H [120] A Goblin's Definition of Success

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