The Right Parts for the Job

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NeutralThe Right Parts for the Job

97 (Requires 96)




Item level 575 boots
14g 20s

The Right Parts for the Job.jpg


Use the G-14 Buster Rocket near Broken Shredders to retrieve Serviceable Gears.

Provided item:  [G-14 Buster Rocket]


Uncle Krixel's a tough one but he won't be going anywhere on foot with his leg broken.

He has a flying machine he brought in from Azeroth that can fly us out of here. Problem is, the engine's busted.

I'll need some parts to fix the thing and those broken shredders just outside of town should have what we need. We don't have time to break them down by hand so just use this rocket launcher and blow 'em apart. Anything that survives the blast should be strong enough to use on the engine.


You will receive one of:

Item level 575 boots
Inv cloth draenorquest95 b 01boot.png [Fungal Resistant Slippers] Inv leather draenorquest95 b 01boot.png [Fungal Resistant Workboots]
Inv boot mail draenorquest95 b 01.png [Fungal Resistant Chainmail Boots] Inv boot plate draenorquest95 b 01.png [Fungal Resistant Plate Boots]

You will also receive: 14g 20s


Got any parts for me?


Great work, <name>!

Give me some time and I'll have this thing ready to roll out!


  • 14650 XP


Pick up N [97] Skimming Off the Top and N [97] Field Trial before heading out.

Head north to the woods and use the quest item on an Infected Lumberjack, who immediately grows larger and groans before dying. Head back south to find Broken Shredders in the oil fields, so get within about 10 yards of one and use the quest item to fire a rocket at it, popping out plenty of servicable gears. Also in the area are the Volatile Sludges, which drop the oil for Skimming Off the Top.


  1. B [97] Pinchwhistle Gearworks (optional breadcrumb)
  2. Complete all of:
  3. N [97] The Mother Lode
  4. Complete both:
  5. N [97] Follow that Hotrod!
  6. Complete all of:
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N [97] Flame On
  9. N [96] Kimzee Pinchwhistle

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