The Righteous March

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AllianceThe Righteous March

Clearing a path to Karabor
Start Vindicator Maraad [52.2, 46.1]
End Exarch Akama [64.6, 21.0]
Level 92 (Requires 90)
Category Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)
Experience 14250
Reputation +250 Council of Exarchs
Rewards 12g 20s
Previous A [92] Darkness Falls
Next A [92] The Defense of Karabor


Escort your garrison forces to the Temple of Karabor by slaying all the orcs in the Path of Light.

  • Escort your Garrison Army to Karabor


The Iron Horde have overtaken Karabor. If we don't act now, we will lose the city.

Exarch Akama and the last of our forces are trapped within the city, but your garrison forces are still outside the temple, awaiting your orders.

Come and fly with me. We will meet your forces on the field. With the naaru by our side, we will make one last charge to retake the city!


You will receive: 12g 20s


Speak with Maraad again:

Now it is the time to drive them out of Shadowmoon once and for all.

Gossip I am ready to join the attack against the Iron Horde.

The player joins Maraad and Yrel on a trio of fey dragons and fly for the temple.
Vindicator Maraad yells: Fly with me, hero. We will assist them from above!
Vindicator Maraad yells: The purifying light of the naaru is both our hammer AND shield.
Vindicator Maraad yells: They are at the temple gates - fly closer! Hurry!
Vindicator Maraad yells: Circle back. We must clear the steps.
Vindicator Maraad yells: Never again will you orcish hordes darken the light of Karabor!
Vindicator Maraad yells: Press onward. By the light of the naaru!
Vindicator Maraad yells: Carry the light, brothers and sisters!

Players hop on a fey dragon with one ability:

  • Naaru's Retribution — Fire a holy bolt of energy down onto the battlefield, mortally wounding all enemies in the blast.

Blow everything up. After a while, the path will be cleared:

Vindicator Maraad yells: We've done all we can from up here...
The player confers with the draenei high above the ground before the temple building: the player to the west, Yrel to the north, Maraad to the south and Exarch Akama flys up to take position east.
Vindicator Maraad says: We've broken the main siege. We should meet with our forces on the ground.
Exarch Akama says: Champion, I need you to fight your way to the harbor.
Yrel says: I'll approach the enemy from the south. Light of the naaru, guide you.
Maraad and Yrel break off to their duties and Akama guides the commander to the north side.

The player is kicked off the mount and winds up in the Defense of Karabor scenario. Turn in to Akama and pick up A [92] The Defense of Karabor before moving on.


Now, to destroy these orcs once and for all.



  1. A [92] Darkness Falls
  2. A [92] The Righteous March
  3. A [92] The Defense of Karabor


  • Though the quest text implies that the Alliance forces are from the player's Garrison, they are actually from Fort Wrynn, a location not yet encountered in the storyline.

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