The Ritual Bond

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AllianceThe Ritual Bond
Start Keeper Karithus
End Keeper Karithus
Level 12 (Requires 10)
Experience 910
Reputation +250 Darnassus
Rewards 5s (+5s 40c at max level)
Shareable Yes
Next A [12] Grimclaw's Return


Breathe in the incense in front of Keeper Karithus, and then choose the blessing of the Great Stag Spirit, the Great Thistle Bear Spirit, or the Great Moonstalker Spirit.

Keep in mind that you can only receive the blessing of one spirit, so choose wisely.


I will tend to Grimclaw until his rest is done - he will be ready to return very soon. I have one more task for you while we wait... a favor to grant you, really, should you recognize it.

The great wildlife spirits roam around us waiting and hoping for someone that will aid in stopping the destruction. They are with us as we speak even now, and with the materials you brought me, I can grant you sight. Speak to these spirits, choose one, and return to me with their blessing.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer 04.png [Moonstalker Bracers] Inv belt 45c.png [Thistle Bear Girdle]
Inv misc cape 11.png [Cloak of the Stag]

You will also receive: 5s


The great spirits have been here longer than I can remember. They were once mortal animals if all the stories are true, and they died in time of dire fates.


So it is done. You have received the blessing of a great animal spirit, and I shall now complete the ritual for you. Please stand still.


The strong odor coming from the bowl smells like a mixture of various herbs with burning hair.

Gossip Breath in the smoke to entice visions of the great animal spirits.

Keeper Karithus says: Please hold still for a moment.
Keeper Karithus and Seraphine channel a spell and after Keeper Karithus casts Ritual Bond on you, you receive your chosen buff.
Keeper Karithus says: It is done. The spirit is bound with you and you will carry it with you anytime you are in Darkshore. May you serve nature well.
  • Blessing of the Stag: Blessed by the Great Stag Spirit. Movement speed increased by 10%. Regarded in a friendly manner by the stag of Darkshore.
  • Blessing of the Thistle Bear: Blessed by the Great Thistle Bear Spirit. Physical and magical damage taken is reduced by 10%. Regarded in a friendly manner by the bears of Darkshore.
  • Blessing of the Moonstalker: Blessed by the Great Moonstalker Spirit. Attack and casting speed increased by 10%. Regarded in a friendly manner by the moonstalkers of Darkshore.


This quest becomes available once you have completed these quests:

During this quest, you will need to accept one of three quests (you can not do the other two)

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