The Rune of Command (Alliance)

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AllianceThe Rune of Command





4g 70s



Prospector Belvar at Fort Wildervar wants you to test the Rune of Command and defeat Binder Murdis.


Can you feel the power emanating from the runes I've carved on this tablet? They're smaller versions of the runes that the Iron Dwarves are using. We'll use it to shut down their operation.

Take it to Giants' Run and use it on a stone giant that the dwarves have not altered.

The giant should obey you, but I've tailored the runes to restore it to its natural state after a time. The giant may prove a valuable ally in the battle against Binder Murdis, the leader of the Iron Dwarf forces at Giants' Run.


You will receive: 4g 70s


Have you tried the rune?


You've done well in defeating Binder Murdis, but the Iron Dwarves won't give up easily.

We've made a lot of progress in understanding how they manipulate runes. Perhaps next time we encounter them, our knowledge will give us an advantage.


Use the Rune of Command on a neutral Stone Giant, then find and kill Binder Murdis. Make sure your new combat pet attacks him. The stone giant companion is very useful in soloing the group quest 'March of the Giants".


NeutralThe Rune of Command
Level range



Both the Horde and the Alliance investigate the  [Rune of Command] used by the Iron Rune Dwarves in Howling Fjord.

The Rune of Command

A [71] The Book of Runes or H [71] The Book of Runes

Horde Chieftain Ashtotem and Alliance Prospector Belvar have noticed that the Iron Dwarves of Giant's Run, in the northeast part of Howling Fjord, are coaxing stone giants out of the ground and inscribing them with runes. These npcs ask members of their faction to go to Giant's run, steal the pieces of the rune books they hold, and return an assembled [book of runes] for study.

The iron dwarves don't have any problem with you. Rather, they don't have any unresolved issues. It's resolved... that they want to kill you. You return the favor. You kill a number of the stonecallers and binders, until you conclude that you've got a complete copy of the book of runes. ... and perhaps kill a few more, just to help the cause.

A [71] Mastering the Runes or H [71] Mastering the Runes

Ashtotem (or Belvar) study the book you brought back, and discovered that the runes they are carving are used to bind and compel. They've also discovered that the runes are carved with enchanted tools. To duplicate the iron dwarves' work, they'll need a set of the tools. That's where you come in.

More dead iron dwarves. Not a moral issue, since the iron dwarves are at war with you. You don't necessarily have to kill them, since the toolboxes are just sitting there where a well-timed distraction ("Look! Air!") would let you get them. But hey, distractions are work.

A [71] The Rune of Command or H [71] The Rune of Command

One set of tools later, Belvar (or Ashtotem) is ready to carve you a set of runes to try out. They've used much more limited runes than the iron dwarves have, feeling that they'll be more useful and less dangerous.

You take the runes (carved on a convenient stone tablet) to Giant's run, and try them out on one of the neutral stone giants there. As advertised, the giant responds to your control. ... and with such a powerful ally, you cannot help but use him against the leader of the iron dwarves at Giants' Run: Binder Murdis.

While the iron dwarves consider this "merely a setback", it's progress.


  • about 12g from completing all the quests.


This chain is intertwined with B [72G2] March of the Giants, wherein you learn more about the giants and why they are being herded.

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