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The Seat of the Triumvirate: Armor of the Triumvirate

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NeutralThe Seat of the Triumvirate: Armor of the Triumvirate

110 (Requires 110)





Secure the Armor of the Light and bring it to Archivist Ionaa.


This reforged key will grant entry into the armory inside the Seat of the Triumvirate.

Locked away inside is the Armor of the Triumvirate, crafted in the days before Sargeras brought ruin to our world. We cannot let this armor be stolen by the Void's forces.

Once the armor is in your possession, please bring it to Archivist Ionaa. He has collected our most sacred relics in the cave just up the path. No doubt he would be very glad to receive it.


You will receive (dependent on armor class):
Inv helm plate legiondungeon c 03.png [Ensemble: Venerated Triumvirate Battleplate] Inv helm mail legiondungeon c 03.png [Ensemble: Sterling Triumvirate Chainmail]
Inv helm leather legiondungeon c 03.png [Ensemble: Burnished Triumvirate Armor] Inv helm cloth legiondungeon c 03.png [Ensemble: Light-Woven Triumvirate Regalia]
You will also receive: 38g 80s
Trade archaeology draenei artifactfragment.png [Mark of the Triumvirate Warriors]


Have you brought me something, <class>?


The Armor of the Triumvirate! I never believed I would see it again. It is a reminder of our proud history, one which the evil of the Legion will never overshadow.

Gaal told me of your dedication, <name>. It is fitting that you don this armor. May it serve as a beacon of the Light in these dark times.



The armory is quite a bit off the beaten path through the dungeon, so if your group wasn't formed for the quest, you will have to let them know. What you're looking for is a building somewhat sunken into the ground. The mob General Zah'd, needed for the world quest N [110WQ] No Love Lost, stands outside this building out on Mac'Aree.

After killing Saprish, head west just as you would for the world quest. You will get a special action button to take down the barrier at the doorway. Down in the building Commander Atalaa, revealed to have died after securing the armory, still guards the Gilded Triumvirate Chest with the armor inside. You must kill Atalaa (Secure the Armory) and open the chest (Retrieve the Armor).



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