The Shrine Reclaimed (Horde)

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For the alliance version, see A [81] The Shrine Reclaimed.

HordeThe Shrine Reclaimed

81 (Requires 80)




7g 80s



Return to Takrik Ragehowl at the reclaimed Shrine of Goldrinn in Hyjal.


Yes <name>. I am Goldrinn. Your persistence in the face of fear has unbound me from twilight's grasp.

My shrine has been purified, and my worshippers have returned to their rightful place at my right paw.

Return to Takrik and continue your work here in Hyjal. I will have need of you again soon.


You will also receive: 7g 80s


<name>, it was incredible! For a fleeting moment I saw Lo'Gosh through the trees - a creature of both fury and light. My cage collapsed and the vandals melted like wax under the kiss of his claws, their screams and howls echoing through the valley... Was that your work?


The shrine has advanced phases and Takrik and Ian are now freed and taking up camp northwest of their previous position, alongside other members of the Guardians of Hyjal, Rio Duran, Royce Duskwhisper, and some vendors: Berin Connad and Mirala Fawnsinger. An additional thing to note is that this quest must be accepted as soon as possible, as the Spirit of Goldrinn will eventually despawn if one takes too long to accept the quest, or if one moves out of visible range of the Spirit of Goldrinn.


  1. N [81] The Return of the Ancients
  2. N [81] End of the Supply Line
  3. A [81] The Voice of Goldrinn / H [81] The Voice of Lo'Gosh
  4. A [81] Goldrinn's Ferocity / H [81] Howling Mad
  5. B [81] Lycanthoth the Corruptor
  6. B [81] The Shrine Reclaimed
  7. B [81] Cleaning House
    • Brainwashing side chain
    1. N [81] From the Mouth of Madness
    2. N [81] Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows
    • Eye of Twilight side chain
    1. N [81] The Eye of Twilight
    2. N [81] Mastering Puppets
    3. N [81] Elementary!
    4. N [81] Return to Duskwhisper
    • Escort side chain
    1. N [81] Gar'gol's Gotta Go
    2. N [81] Get Me Outta Here!
  8. B [81] Lightning in a Bottle
  9. B [81] Into the Maw!
  10. N [81] Forged of Shadow and Flame, N [81] Crushing the Cores, N [81] Rage of the Wolf Ancient
  11. N [81] Cindermaul, the Portal Master
  12. N [81] Forgemaster Pyrendius
  13. B [81] Return from the Firelands

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