The Shrine of Seven Stars

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AllianceThe Shrine of Seven Stars

87 (Requires 87)




10g 20s



Speak to Jaluu the Generous, Kuru the Light-Hearted, Elder Lin, and Matron Vi Vinh in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


Look at this creature, traveler. Only moments after we arrived, this mogu assassin attacked with no warning.

His blade was intended for the leader of the Golden Lotus. It is very lucky indeed that we were here to stop the attack.

Seeing this attempt on Zhi's life, I fear for the safety of those who have already entered the valley.

The caretakers are settling your people into the city to the southeast. Go and speak to the leaders. Make sure they are safe.


You will receive: 10g 20s


The cities are springing back to life.


Good work, <name>. It sounds as though they are getting on quite well at the city.

However, in order to ensure their safety, we must be even more vigilant than before.



Head east into the Summer Fields. The Emperor's Burden - Part 8 is on the edge of the lake. Interact with it to complete one of the objectives of the Pandaria exploration achievement [The Seven Burdens of Shaohao].

Take the south fork and follow the path to reach the Shrine of Seven Stars, the Alliance capital city in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. On the lower level of the Summer Terrace is Elder Lin:

Double fortune to you, <race>.
If you are looking for a lucky charm, I can help set you right up.
Gossip What is this place?
Lucky Lin says: Good fortune to you, <race>. Here you will find representatives from all the factions of Pandaria. When you have had a little more experience under your belt, come back and speak to us. Great adventures and great rewards await.

Kuru the Light-Hearted is on the upper level, not far from the flight lynchpin flightpath of Pandaria. Speak with him:

  • What do you call a jinyu who has trained at Tian Monastery? A monkfish!
  • What happened to the pandaren whose kitchen was robbed? He got bamboozled!
  • Do you know why the pandaren love philosophy? Because for them, things are not just black and white.
  • When times are dark, it is best to turn on a light.
  • What's the most valuable fish in all of Pandaria? The goldfish!
  • Do you know how to pick up a female jinyu in a tavern? Just drop your line!
Gossip How are the refugees settling in?
Kuru the Light-Hearted says: Many have come from all corners of the land to see the gates opened at last. Indeed, many of your people have already found their way inside. Seek your own solace and refuge within.

Enter the right-hand side of the shrine to reach the Golden Lantern, the inn of the Shrine of Seven Stars. Vi Vinh is behind the podium:

Welcome to my Inn, weary traveler. What can I do for you?
Gossip What can I find here in the city?
Matron Vi Vinh says: Welcome, traveler. Make your home here if you wish. Upstairs you will find the bank vaults and city portals. Vendors of all trades are already setting up shop around the building. Please explore at your own leisure.

Exit and head north up the path to enter Mogu'shan Palace. Get to the center near the instance line, then head southeast down the great staircase to find Jaluu the Generous, the quartermaster of the Golden Lotus. Speak with him:

May you seek honor and courage in all your days, <race>.
Gossip Have you seen anything suspicious?
Jaluu the Generous says: Suspicious? No... oh! Watch out!

Two level 87 Shao-Tien Assassins drop out of stealth and attack. Finish them off. Then head back to the Golden Pagoda to turn in.

On complete:

Sun Tenderheart says: We will continue to monitor the mogu's activity, <name>. However, I am afraid that what lies ahead will require greater strength than you currently possess. Return to us when you have gained more experience.


Optional breadcrumb: B [87] Temple of the White Tiger

  1. B [87] A Celestial Experience
  2. B [87] A Witness to History
  3. A [87] The Shrine of Seven Stars / H [87] The Shrine of Two Moons

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