The Sketh'lon Wreckage (Alliance)

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AllianceThe Sketh'lon Wreckage

69 (Requires 67)


12300 XP


The Sketh'lon Wreckage is the th quest in the The Sketh'lon Wreckage quest chain.


Recover the Skethlon Commander's Journal Page 1, Skethlon Commander's Journal Page 2, and Skethlon Commander's Journal Page 3 from the Dark Conclave arakkoa at the Sketh'lon Wreckage to Gryphonrider Kieran.


Our scouts have brought back disturbing reports from the ruined arakkoa encampments in the area.

The ghosts of powerful arakkoa magicians wield powers we never thought they possessed. They seem to be organizing, as though preparing for something, but our knowledge is limited. We cannot afford to remain ignorant!

Travel north to the Sketh'lon Wreckage, to the northwest of the Deathforge and search for signs of their motives.


What have you discovered?


<Kieran leafs through the journal pages.>

Much of this is unintelligible, but I can make out bits here and there about preparations for a spell gone awry, casualties, and a deteriorating situation. There's also a curious note here about a 'deserter.'


You will receive: 4g 10s


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 12300 XP (or 7g 38s at level 70)

Quest chain

  1. A [69] The Sketh'lon Wreckage
  2. A [69] Find the Deserter
  3. N [69] Asghar's Totem
  4. N [69] The Rod of Lianthe
  5. N [69] Sketh'lon Feathers
  6. N [69] Imbuing the Headpiece
  7. N [69] Thwart the Dark Conclave

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