The Snackrifice

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NeutralThe Snackrifice
Imprisoned Grummle

88 (Requires 87)




Item level 414 belts
10g 60s



Rescue 5 Imprisoned Grummles by cutting them down or releasing them from cages.


They took my grummles! Hozen don't eat grummles, but yeti do. And the Knucklethumps have a yeti.

Please rescue my grummles. Cut them down or let them out of cages. Rescue them any way you can.

Many fortunes and rewards if you do this.


Item level 414 belts
Inv belt cloth panda b 01 green.png [Waterfall Cord] Inv belt leather panda b 01.png [Mushan Hide Belt]
Inv belt mail panda b 01black.png [Dreaming Spirit Waistguard] Inv belt plate panda b 02yellow.png [Serenity Clasp]
Inv belt cloth panda b 01 green.png [Mindbender Cord] Inv belt leather panda b 01.png [Silentleaf Belt]
Inv belt mail panda b 01black.png [Yak Herder Belt] Inv belt plate panda b 02yellow.png [Summit Guardian Girdle]
Inv belt plate panda b 02yellow.png [Wallwatcher Girdle]

You will also receive: 10g 60s


Other grummles say I not have good luck. They call me "Luckydon't".

But now I have friend <race> who is big luckydo! We'll show them.


Today is a day of many good and bad fortunes. Bad fortune that hozen stole my grummles. Good fortune that my <race> saves my grummles. Bad fortune that so many hozen must die to learn lesson. Good fortune that <race>s are luckydos and know how to fight.

Grummles are not fighters. We carry, we explore, and we are content.


  • 162000 XP


On accept:

Brother Yakshoe says: If you have a ragned weapon, use it to shoot down ropes that hold grummles up.

Pick up N [88] Thumping Knucklethump and N [88] Hozen Love Their Keys before heading out.

Head north to Knucklethump Hole, start killing hozen and freeing grummles. Grummles hanging from ropes can be freed by simply doing damage to the ropes. In the very back of the cave is Cho Cho the Wicked. Make sure The Snackrifice and Thumping Knucklethump are both complete at this point. Kill him to loot the key, then use it on the ball and chain behind Old Poot Poot. Poot will snag the player then run out of the cave, killing knuckethump victims along the way. Poot will drop adventurers off back at the Burlap Waystation, so turn in all three quests then.


  1. N [88] A Grummle's Luck & N [88] Traffic Issues & N [88] Oil Stop
  2. N [88] Roadside Assistance
  3. N [88] The Burlap Trail: To Burlap Waystation
  4. N [88] The Rabbitsfoot & N [88] The Broketooth Ravage
  5. N [88] A Monkey Idol & N [88] No Pack Left Behind & N [88] Breaking Brooketooth
  6. N [88] Bros Before Hozen
  7. N [88] The Snackrifice & N [88] Thumping Knucklethump & N [88] Hozen Love Their Keys
  8. N [88] Grummle! Grummle! Grummle! & N [88] Unleash The Yeti!
  9. N [88] The Leader Hozen

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