The Spirit Kings

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BossThe Spirit Kings
Image of The Spirit Kings
Gender Male
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Mogu'shan Vaults
Status Killable

The Spirit Kings is the fourth boss encounter in Mogu'shan Vaults. It is a council encounter with four bosses activated successively.


Main articles: Zian of the Endless Shadow, Meng the Demented, Qiang the Merciless, Subetai the Swift

Adventure Guide

Ancient records tell of these legendary rulers, powerful mogu who carved an empire from the very rock of Pandaria. Their names still cause the land to tremble: Zian of the Endless Shadow, Meng the Demented, Qiang the Merciless, and Subetai the Swift. Some say their spirits lurk in the vaults, lost in ghostly memories of battle and glory.

Spells and abilities

Kings' Process

The Spirit Kings animate in sequence, with one king attacking the players until defeated, at which time another king enters the fray. Defeated kings become incorporeal, but continue to bring one of their powerful abilities to bear periodically.

On Heroic difficulty, each Spirit King animates and joins the battle when its predecessor is brought below 30% of maximum health.

The Bossses share a 10 minutes Enrage timer in all difficult settings:

  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Berserk — Increases the caster's attack speed by 150% and all damage it deals by 900%. Cast after 10 minutes of combat.

Qiang the Merciless

Qiang the Merciless

When the players defeat the Warlord King, he remains in battle in a weakened state and only uses his Flanking Orders ability.

  • Ability warrior stalwartprotector.png  Flanking Orders Deadly Important — The Warlord King orders a flank, calling in a wave of Mogu attackers. These Flanking Mogu cast Overhand Strike, inflicting 500,000[note 1] Physical damage to enemies in front of them within 4 yards. The Warlord King retains Flanking Orders after being defeated.
  • Ability warrior punishingblow.png  Massive Attacks Tank Alert Deadly — No single man or woman can stand against the brutal attacks of the Warlord King. His Massive Attacks inflicts 800,000[note 2] Physical damage, split among all enemies hit.
  • Ability warrior bloodbath.png  Annihilate Deadly — Qiang focuses on Annihilating his enemies in front of him, inflicting 1,500,000[note 3] damage to enemies within 20 yards.
  • Ability warrior shieldmastery.png  Impervious Shield Heroic Difficulty Magic Effect — The Warlord King uses his Impervious Shield, becoming immune to all attacks and spells. When struck with a harmful ability or spell during Impervious Shield, Qiang will retaliate with an extra attack.

Meng the Demented

Meng the Demented

When the players defeat the Mad King, he remains in battle in a weakened state and only uses his Maddening Shout ability.

  • Warrior talent icon furyintheblood.png  Maddening Shout Important — The Maddening Shout of Meng Sharpfang causes all enemies to go mad, inflicting 65,000[note 4] Shadow damage every 3 sec. and causing all enemies to hate each other. Players regain their sanity after taking 40,000[note 5] damage from another player. The Mad King retains Maddening Shout after being defeated.
  • Ability warrior focusedrage.png  Crazed — The Mad King becomes more insane every 0.50 sec. Crazed increases the Mad King's Physical damage dealt by a percentage equal to twice his current Insanity. When the Mad King reaches 100 Insanity, he switches personalities to Cowardice.
  • Ability mage tormentoftheweak.png  Cowardice — The Mad King becomes more insane every 0.50 sec. Cowardice causes the Mad King to reflect damage equal to 50% of his current insanity. When the Mad King reaches 100 Insanity, he switches personalities to Crazed.
  • Spell shadow shadowworddominate.png  Crazy Thought Interruptible — A Crazy Thought crosses the Mad King's warped mind, increasing his Insanity by 10.
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Delirious Heroic Difficulty Enrage — The Mad King enrages, doubling the rate he gains insanity.

Subetai the Swift

Subetai the Swift

When the players defeat the Bandit King, he remains in battle in a weakened state, only able to use his Pillage ability.

  • Ability rogue dismantle.png  Pillage Important — The Bandit King charges a random player and Pillages all enemies within 8 yards, stealing the victims' possessions. The Pillaged effect reduces the affected players' damage and healing done by 50% and increases their Physical damage taken by 50%.
  • Ability hunter efficiency brown.png  Volley — Subetai launches three Volleys in quick succession. The first inflicts 100,000[note 6] Physical damage to enemies in a large cone in front of the caster, then 200,000[note 7] Physical damage in a medium cone, and finally 400,000[note 8] Physical damage in a small cone.
  • Inv ammo arrow 01.png  Rain of Arrows Damage Dealer Alert — The Bandit King fires a Rain of Arrows at the location of a random player, inflicting Pinned Down on all targets within the 8 yard area. Pinned Down inflicts 30,000[note 9] Physical damage every second until another player removes the arrow from the victim.
    • Inv ammo arrow 01.png  Pinning Arrow Damage Dealer Alert — The Pinning Arrow causes Pinned Down, inflicting 30,000[note 9] Physical damage every 1 sec. until a player destroys the Pinning Arrow.
  • Ability rogue sinistercalling.png  Sleight of Hand Heroic Difficulty Damage Dealer Alert — Damaging attacks against the Bandit King causes the attacker to suffer being Robbed Blind. The effect reduces damage and healing done by 50% and reduces armor by 50%. The Bandit King becomes vulnerable to Stun effects while using Sleight of Hand.
    • Ability rogue sinistercalling.png  Robbed Blind Important — Robbed Blind reduces damage and healing done by 50% and increases their Physical damage taken by 50%.

Zian of the Endless Shadow

Zian of the Endless Shadow

When the players defeat the Sorcerer King, he remains in battle in a weakened state, only able to use his Undying Shadows ability.

  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  Undying Shadows Damage Dealer Alert Important — The Sorcerer King creates an Undying Shadow at the location of a random player. The Undying Shadow inflicts 30,000[note 10] Shadow damage every second to players within 10 yards until destroyed. The Sorcerer King retains Undying Shadows after being defeated.
    • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  Undying Shadow — The Undying Shadow inflicts 30,000[note 10] Shadow damage every 1 sec to players within 10 yards until destroyed. An Undying Shadow fixates on the closest nearby player when the Sorcerer King summons it. After the Undying Shadow dies it starts to reform itself, creating Coalescing Shadows. After 30 seconds the Undying Shadow fully coalesces and reforms.
  • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Shadow Blast Interruptible — The Sorcerer King launches a Shadow Blast at the location of a random player. The Shadow Blast inflicts 100,000[note 11] Shadow Damage upon impact to players within 8 yards of the targeted location.
  • Ability warlock everlastingaffliction.png  Charged Shadows — The Sorcerer King blasts a random player with Charged Shadows, inflicting 100,000[note 12] Shadow damage to the target then chaining to additional targets within 8 yards of each other.
  • Spell shadow sacrificialshield.png  Shield of Darkness Magic Effect Heroic Difficulty Damage Dealer Alert — The Sorcerer King protects himself with a Shield of Darkness. The Shield inflicts 300,000 Shadow damage to all enemies whenever a damaging ability lands on the Sorcerer King.
    • Spell shadow sacrificialshield.png  Darkness Deadly — Inflicts 300,000 Shadow damage to all enemies.
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The Kings always spawn in the same order: Qiang, Subetai, Zian, Meng.

The fight is a lot about paying attention to what happens and adapt accordingly.

General tactics

  • Everyone should move with the tank at the pull and throughout the phase in order to soak the damage from the cleave - if too few people get hit by it then the ones that get hit will die.
  • Pay close attention to where Flanking Orders spawn and will move. If anyone gets caught in it they will die.
  • Stay behind the boss when he start casting Annihilate. Anyone caught in it will die.
  • Move away as quickly as possible when he cast Pillage.
  • When he casts volley, move out of the cone as quickly as possible. Stay relatively near the boss (within ~15 yards) to ensure you don't take more than 1-2 hits from Volley when running out of it.
  • Ranged should spread out in order to make as few people as possible get hit by Rain of Arrows. Players that get hit can be freed instantly with [Hand of Protection], as well as any other effect that removes stuns (ex. [Blink]), but otherwise the arrow should be killed ASAP so that the target does not die.
  • Players that get Undying Shadow should move around the edges in order to not dump the resulting Coalescing Shadows in the middle of the room. Ranged should nuke the Undying Shadows.
  • Shadow Blast should be interrupted at all times. Three players should be assigned in a rotation to interrupt this.
  • During Maddening Shout the raid should stack up and AoE in order to break it quickly.
  • Crazy Thought can be interrupted as much as possible, however it is mostly futile as he will chain cast it.
  • During Cowardice the raid shouldn't outright nuke him. At 50-70 Sanity the DPS will need to slow down or even stop DPS entirely so that they don't take too much damage.


Item Type
 [Sigil of Power] Quest item
 [Amulet of the Hidden Kings] (LFR · H) Agility necklace
 [Arrow Breaking Windcloak] (LFR · H) Agility cloak
 [Bracers of Dark Thoughts] (LFR · H) Spirit leather bracers
 [Bracers of Violent Meditation] (LFR · H) Agility leather bracers
 [Breastplate of the Kings' Guard] (LFR · H) DPS plate chest
 [Girdle of Delirious Visions] (LFR · H) Spirit plate belt
 [Hood of Blind Eyes] (LFR · H) Spirit cloth helm
 [Meng's Treads of Insanity] (LFR · H) Caster mail boots
 [Mindshard Drape] (LFR · H) Caster cloak
 [Screaming Tiger, Qiang's Unbreakable Polearm] (LFR · H) Agility polearm
 [Shoulderguards of the Unflanked] (LFR · H) Tank plate shoulders
 [Steelskin, Qiang's Impervious Shield] (LFR · H) Tank shield
 [Subetai's Pillaging Leggings] (LFR · H) Agility mail leggings
 [Undying Shadow Grips] (LFR · H) Caster cloth gloves
 [Zian's Choker of Coalesced Shadow] (LFR · H) Spirit necklace

Related Achievements



Lorewalker Cho says: Ah, the ancient Vaults of the Kings of Mogu'shan. What might this button do?
Lorewalker Cho says: Look here! It's the history of Zian of the Endless Shadow, a powerful sorcerer who kept the kingdoms in check through terror and darkness.
Lorewalker Cho says: This looks to be the record of Qiang the Merciless, a great conqueror who ruled his vassals with an iron fist!
Lorewalker Cho says: I've heard tales of this one: Subetai the Swift, well known as a masterful archer and genius thief. He stole from the rich and kept everything for himself.
Lorewalker Cho says: What is this? I've heard nothing of this emperor. Meng the Demented? According to these texts, Meng was the most foul and maniacal ruler to ever abuse the imperial throne.

Qiang the Merciless

My armies are endless, my power, unmatched.
Enters the fight
I will crush you, in body AND spirit.
Flanking Orders
  • Flanking attack! March into battle!
  • Soldiers! Crush their flank!
Killing a player
  • My tactics are unbeatable.
  • Another victory.
  • The Emperor rules all!
Unused quote
I cannot be... defeated.

Subetai the Swift

Enters the fight
You'll see your mistake soon enough!
  • All that is yours? Mine!
  • There is nothing I cannot take!
Killing a player
  • You were too slow!
  • I am too quick, too clever.
  • You stood no chance!
Unused quotes
  • Bandits and emperors, we both take what we want.
  • I am... bested.

Zian of the Endless Shadow

Enters the fight
Soon you will understand why my subjects fear the shadows!
Undying Shadows
The darkness comes for you, and with it, death.
Killing a player
  • Fall into darkness!
  • The shadows consume you!
  • This is what it means to face an emperor!
The darkness... surrounds me...
Unused quote
I sense...courage. Willpower... light? That will not do.

Meng the Demented

Enters the fight
You have angered the emperor! THE SENTENCE IS DEATH!
Maddening Shout
  • Slaughter yourselves for my amusement!
  • Enemies... everywhere! Kill! Kill them all!
Killing a player
  • Like rice stalks before the blade, all fall before me.
  • None may stand against the Imperial majesty of Meng!
  • D-d-don't bleed on me! Filthy, disease!
  • made me do it!
Death (Crazed)
The sentence... was to be... yours!
Death (Cowardice)
I... I don't want to die...
Unused quote
Who dares summon Emperor Meng, most majestic of mighty monarchs?


Lorewalker Cho yells: A secret passage has opened beneath the platform, this way!

Unused quote

Lorewalker Cho: Ah, the ancient Vaults of the Emperors of Mogu'shan. What might this button do?



Heroic Guides

Raid Finder


25-man Heroic


  • In chinese, Meng means dream, Qiang strength, Sebotai great colors and Zian police or public order.
  • It's also possible that Subetai derives his name from Subutai, a Mongolian general and the primary military strategist of Genghis Khan and Ögedei Khan.
  • Initially, the encounter was buggy and the bosses would frequently disappear and reset at random, to the point where players would jokingly refer to it as "The Reset Kings".

Patches and hotfixes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2012-12-03): "The Spirit Kings now activate in a fixed order."
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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