The Spring Drifter (quest)

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NeutralThe Spring Drifter

The Spring Drifter at the Ancient Passage
Start Brewmaster Boof [51.9, 43.8]
End Brewmaster Boof [72.7, 93.0]
Level 87 (Requires 87)
Category Veiled Stair
Experience 12900
Rewards 1g 2s


Survive a trip on the Spring Drifter.

  • Survive a ride on the Spring Drifter


Nobody really travels up the Ancient Passage on foot. That is just asking for a faceful of saurok if you are not careful.

Tell you what, Egg Shell and I were just about to set off upriver to Binan Village. Want a lift?


You will receive: 1g 2s


It is always good luck to have a grummle aboard when traveling through a saurok infested cave.


Wheh, we made it. Welcome to Binan Village.


  • 12900 XP


Hop on.

Brewmaster Boof says: Ever been to Kun-Lai before? It's great. Long flowing farmlands. Beautiful mountains. And absolutely nothing dangerous whatsoever.
Egg Shell says: Hozen attack grummles.
Brewmaster Boof says: Well... yes. There are problems with the hozen.
Egg Shelll says: Tigers.
Brewmaster Boof says: Yes, and the tigers.
Egg Shell says: Darkhatched saurok are very dangerous, and very powerful.
Brewmaster Boof says: The spears are just for show. As long as we don't get out of the boat or make eye contact or get hit by a spear then we should be fine.
Egg Shell says: Saurok are very dangerous.
Brewmaster Boof says: It's safe. I brought Lorewalker Cho and his strange companions up this way not long back.
Egg Shell says: The "orc" tried to punch me.
Brewmaster Boof says: You had it coming. Waving your incense about in his face... wait a minute. Something doesn't feel right about this.
Brewmaster Boof says: Are those refugees? What's going on over there?
Brewmaster Boof says: Those people are farmers, not fighters! They may need our help!

Turn in to him, then find Mayor Bramblestaff.


Optional breadcrumb: A [82] Hero's Call: Kun-Lai Summit!/H [82] Warchief's Command: Kun-Lai Summit! (optional), B [87] The Road to Kun-Lai
Optional side quests: N [87] Robbing Robbers of Robbers, N [87] Educating Saurok, N [87] The Spring Drifter

  1. N [87] Call Out Their Leader & N [87] Hit Medicine & N [87] All of the Arrows
  2. A [87] Admiral Taylor has Awakened / H [87] General Nazgrim has Awakened
  3. A [87] Westwind Rest / H [87] Eastwind Rest
  4. B [87] Challenge Accepted
  5. Complete all of:
    1. B [87] Trouble on the Farmstead
    2. N [87] Farmhand Freedom & N [87] ... and the Pot, Too!
    3. A [87] Back to Westwind Rest / H [87] Back to Eastwind Rest
  6. Complete all of:

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