The Storm's Fury

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NeutralThe Storm's Fury

110 (Requires 110)






+75 Valarjar




N [110 Daily] Assault on Stormheim


N [110 Daily] Battle for Stormheim


Destroy the Burning Legion forces within Shield's Rest.


No longer do we have time to prepare, the moment of action is upon us! Come with me, little one. With you guiding my aim we shall cleanse this isle by thunder and lightning!


Today will not be your end, hero. The Legion threatens the Gates of Valor and without the power you wield they will surely fall.



Quest accept
Vethir says: Give the word when you are ready, champion, and we will take to the skies.
The fury of the storm boils within me! Have you finished your preparations?
Gossip I am ready to begin.
Vethir says: My breath is the wrath of the storm! Show me where I should strike, little one, and our enemies will fall!
Legion invaders defeated
The view changes to the main fel portal.
Vethir says: Careful, champion. Something is emerging from the portal... something powerful!
A wave of wrathguards emerge, followed by an eredar...
Lord Commander Alexius says: Foolish mortals! Did you truly believe the Burning Legion would be so easily defeated?
Lord Commander Alexius says: Behold the power of the fel!
Lord Commander Alexius shoots a ray of fel energies at Vethir, who is struck down. The adventurer is briefly knocked out in the crash.
Vethir says: I... I live, but I'm in no condition for battle. Hurry, champion, you must stop him!
Lord Commander Alexius
Lord Commander Alexius says: You're too late, mortal! My command center has just arrived!
Lord Commander Alexius yells: Gunners, open fire upon this mortal scum! Obliterate them with hellfire!
After fighting for a bit, the demon loses patience and summons fel traps.
Lord Commander Alexius yells: Enough of this!
In the distance, the Legion ship's gun prepares to fire.
Lord Commander Alexius  yells: My vessel and I are needed elsewhere. Enjoy this... parting gift!
Laughing, Lord Commander Alexius teleports away as his ship fires a lethal barrage at the area, but unexpected help arrives.
Val'kyr of Odyn yells: Be shielded, heroes!
The ship's attack prove ineffective against the val'kyr's barrier.
Odyn says: That vile demon is moving his vessel to attack the Gates of Valor! I've sent one of my val'kyr to aid you, hero. This battle must be won!


  1. N [110 Daily] Assault on Stormheim
  2. N [110 Daily] The Storm's Fury
  3. N [110 Daily] Battle for Stormheim

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