The Sun Pearl

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NeutralThe Sun Pearl

5 (Requires 1)





Retrieve the Sun Pearl.


Shu, the spirit of water, is eternally young, as are all the spirits of Shen-zin Su. I have been friends with Shu all of my life, but I no longer have it within me to play with him. I am old, and lack the energy.

For all his complexities, Shu is simple to please: he desires friendship. When I returned to play with Shu each season, I would always bring a Sun Pearl as a gift, and then we would play together. You can find a Sun Pearl in the pools to the southeast. Perhaps you can be his new friend.


You will receive: 1s


The decision to not return to the pools was a hard one. I don't think Shu ever truly understood. He does not know what it is to get older and weaker.


Shu's desires are not so different from our own. He does not want to be alone. Unwanted, unloved. He longs to be needed, and to share his life with others.

Knowing that, earning his trust is not terribly difficult. He just wants company.


Pick up N [5] The Sting of Learning before heading out. Back down the ramp, then take a left, heading southeast, and start killing water pincers. After killing six, keep heading southeast into the deep pool with Barbed Rays and Fang-she, a named sea serpent. The serpent is guarding the Ancient Clam, which contains the  [Sun Pearl]. Get back to the path and keep following it east to find Old Man Liang.


  1. N [5] The Singing Pools
  2. N [5] The Lesson of Dry Fur & N [5] The Lesson of the Balanced Rock & N [5] Stronger Than Reeds
  3. N [5] Finding an Old Friend
  4. N [5] The Sun Pearl & N [5] The Sting of Learning
  5. N [5] Shu, the Spirit of Water
  6. N [5] A New Friend
  7. N [5] The Source of Our Livelihood
  8. N [6] Rascals & N [6] Still Good!
  9. N [6] Missing Mallet & N [6] Stronger Than Wood
  10. N [6] Raucous Rousing
  11. N [6] Not In the Face!
  12. N [6] The Spirit and Body of Shen-zin Su

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