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The Swift Vengeance

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For the unrelated quest, see N Jewelcrafting [100] Swift Vengeance.
The Swift Vengance.

The Swift Vengeance is a battleship of the Forsaken navy used during the Blood War. It was stolen by Baine Bloodhoof and Thomas Zelling to return Derek Proudmoore to his sister, Jaina, after Sylvanas Windrunner raised the latter and attempted to torture him into subservience.


Notes and trivia

  • This is the second newer-type Forsaken battleship seen, the first being the Death's Advance, Sylvanas' flagship. Though the distinction was not made in game, the two were stated to be different by the Blizzard creator.
    • Notably, the Artstation preview to show off the Death's Advance includes the Unexpected Reunion cinematic; where the vessel in the cinematic would actually be The Swift Vengeance.
  • During H [120] Ships in the Night and H [120] A Bitter Reunion of the Horde War Campaign, the ship is considered a subzone in Tiragarde Sound and Dustwallow Marsh respectively. It is not present there after the questline if finished.

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