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The Temple of Elune

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NeutralThe Temple of Elune
Start Ysera
End Lyanis Moonfall
Level 100 - 110 (Requires 98)
Category Val'sharah
Experience 1,480
Reputation +10 Dreamweavers
Previous N [100 - 110] The Emerald Queen
Next N [100 - 110] Tears for Fears
N [100 - 110] Root Cause


Speak with Lyanis Moonfall at the Temple of Elune.


Cenarius is in danger.

If his condition is not reversed soon, he will be lost to the Nightmare that threatens the Emerald Dream. To spare him that fate, we must have the Tears of Elune - the same relic you were sent here to retrieve.

Elune's temple is not far. Go there. Find Lyanis. Show her my seal and instruct her to release the tears into your custody.

Hurry, <name>. Time is short.


You will receive: 1g 4s 15c


You - you bear the mark of The Dreamer. Elune be praised!

You've arrived just in time, visitor. Shaladrassil's roots are at our doorstep...



Take the trail east out of the Grove of Cenarius until you reach the main path, then follow that north to reach the Temple of Elune. Go to the main courtyard and take the stairs to the left. Keep going straight and then a bit around the statue to enter the inner sanctum of the temple, where Lyanis Moonfall is located.

Lyanis Moonfall says: Help has arrived at last! Elune be praised!


Requires completion of the Archdruid of Lore, Archdruid of the Claw and Archdruid of the Vale story chapters.

  1. N [100 - 110] The Emerald Queen
  2. N [100 - 110] The Temple of Elune
  3. N [100 - 110] Tears for Fears
  4. N [100 - 110] The Die is Cast
  5. N [100 - 110] Malfurion's Fury
  6. N [100 - 110] To Old Friends
  7. N [100 - 110] The Demon's Trail

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