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The Thunder Below

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NeutralThe Thunder Below
Milau in the Hall of the Serpent

90 (Requires 90)






24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune

Leven Dawnblade or Anji Autumnlight will offer either this quest or N [90 Daily] The Crumbling Hall at revered with the Golden Lotus when the Ruins of Guo-Lai is the third quest hub of daily quests.


Hall of Tiles
Hall of the Serpent
Lightning Breath

Slay Milau.


Roars have been echoing out from inside the Guo-Lai Halls. The mogu have awakened some ancient beast, an it is not long before they attempt to release it upon my men.

Find your way to the Hall of the Serpent and slay the beast before it can be unleashed upon us. I would trust no other with such a dangerous and important task.


You will receive: 24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


Have you slain the beast?


You accomplish what I doubt I could even ocercome myself. I am humbled by your valor.



Enter the Guo-Lai Halls, head down the ramp, and head straight to pass through the Hall of Tiles. Remember that you can only walk on a particular type of tile safely; the type for the day is shown on a tile at the bottom of the entrance ramp into Guo-Lai Halls, or careful observation will reveal which type forms a path to the opposite door. Enter the Hall of the Serpent and head down the stairs, moving quickly around both corners to avoid the Jade Smash from the Jade Sentinels. Head down the lower level to reach Milau, a cloud serpent with 4.7 million health and the following abilities:

  • Lightning Pool 80 yd range — Deals high Nature damage to enemies standing inside of the pool. 1 sec cast. Hits for an obscene amount of Nature damage.
  • Lightning Breath 100 yd range — Breaths lightning on the ground, dealing continuing Nature damage to enemies. 2 sec cast. Drops a pool of Nature damage on the ground. Triggers...
    • Lighting Breath — Breaths lightning on the ground, dealing continuing Nature damage to enemies. Instant. Ticks for 41,889 a second.
  • Lightning Sweep — Builds up and releases a massive lightning charge, dealing 138,750 to 161,100 Nature damage and knocking nearby targets back. 9 sec cast. Milau flies to the center of the lower area sucking all enemies with it. Run away before the cast completes.

Milau is rooted in one of two spots for the entire duration of the fight and so does not need to be normally tanked. Adventurers attempting the encounter must either stay within Milau's hitbox or on the lower level of the area or it will cast Lightning Pool underneath them, which will one-shot anything that stands in it. Melee players are thus going to be hugging Milau's hitbox for the entire fight minus the 66/33% Lightning Sweeps.

Ranged players must dodge Lightning Breath casts—Milau will randomly face one direction when starting the cast and breathe in that general direction. A large area of the ground is charged with lightning and ticks for ~42,000 damage a second. The cast time is long enough to get out of the area of effect if Milau targets an adventurer's direction specifically. Roughly three pools will be up concurrently and if unlucky, nearly the entire floor will be inacessible. Run away from the boss area toward the steps leading back up to the Hall of Tiles to get out of the damage range and take the opportunity to heal up.

At 66/33%, Milau will fly down from the high position to the center of the lower area and do a Lightning Sweep. This sucks all enemies to its position and will do a large (but not one-shottable) amount of damage to all players within ~50 yards or so once the 9-second cast is complete. Melee players should immediately start running back to the cloud serpent's upstairs spot to be in position once the Lightning Sweep is done.

It is entirely possible to complete the encounter without taking a single point of damage. It's a requirement for [One Step at a Time]!

Patch 5.4

The mogu have invaded the Vale in even greater numbers. This has resulted in many mogu mobs being located where once there were none (including Milau's room). Also, prior to 5.4, the Lightning Pool ability was infamous for rarely targeting where the player actually stood. This is no longer the case.

Because of the above changes, it's much more important now to bring along a friend if you are working towards the achievement.


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