The Tidestone: Shattered

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NeutralThe Tidestone: Shattered

100 - 110 (Requires 98)




19g 40s


N [100 - 110] The Headmistress' Keys


Collect the 5 Tidestone Shards.


I suppose you can go in, then.

The shattered pieces of the  [Tidestone of Golganneth] are contained within the academy's eastern wing. Even as curator, I cannot attest to their condition, as I have not been in to inspect them in many millennia.

Oh, young <name>? Please do not touch anything.


You will receive: 19g 40s


<The last remaining piece of the Tidestone lies before you.>


<You notice the reflection of something sinister upon the core's surface...>



Immediately after you turn in the quest, a frostbolt freezes you inside a block of ice. Athissa and Warlord Parjesh move in.

Athissa says: How perfectly convenient... the brainless <race> led us right to the Tidestone.
Athissa says: Our Queen Beneath the Tides can reassemble the pieces.
Athissa says: As for you... you will make an acceptable slave.

The screen fades to black, and you appear in the Hatecoil Slave Pen, chained to a wall and guarded by two Hatecoil Myrmidons.

Hatecoil Myrmidon says: What should we do with this one?
Hatecoil Myrmidon says: Torture? Hard labor? Kill it?
Hatecoil Myrmidon says: I say we kill it.
Hatecoil Myrmidon says: Good idea, let's kill it.

Suddenly, Prince Farondis runs in and blasts one of the guards with a fireball. The other turns to him.

Hatecoil Myrmidon says: Huh?

Farondis kills the other guard as well, then offers the next quest, N [100 - 110] Save Yourself.

If you are disconnected during the cutscene, or  [Hearthstone] away from the Hatecoil Slave Pen before Farondis appears, you can follow the quest marker for N [100 - 110] Save Yourself on your map and pick it up from Farondis.


  1. N [100 - 110] Those Who Remember
  2. N [100 - 110] They Came From the Sea
  3. N [100 - 110] Prince Farondis
  4. N [100 - 110] Our Very Bones
  5. N [100 - 110] Trailing the Tidestone
  6. N [100 - 110] Nar'thalas Still Suffers
    1. N [100 - 110] You Never Know Until You Scry
    2. N [100 - 110] Back from the Dead
  7. N [100 - 110] The Walk of Shame
  8. N [100 - 110] Into the Academy
  9. N [100 - 110] Dressing With Class & N [100 - 110] Hit the Books
  10. N [100 - 110] The Haunted Halls
  11. N [100 - 110] Wanding 101
  12. N [100 - 110] Study Hall: Combat Research
  13. N [100 - 110] Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing
  14. N [100 - 110] The Headmistress' Keys
  15. N [100 - 110] The Tidestone: Shattered
  16. N [100 - 110] Save Yourself
  17. N [100 - 110] The Head of the Snake (final quest of the Azsuna versus Azshara story segment)
  18. N [100 - 110D] Eye of Azshara: Wrath of Azshara (Eye of Azshara instance quest)
  19. N [100 - 110] Eye of Azshara: The Tidestone of Golganneth (Azsuna zone finale)

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