The Titans' Terminal

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AllianceThe Titans' Terminal

18 (Requires 16)


A [18] Swamped Secrets


Use Buried Artifact Detector on the beach near Remtravel's Excavation site to locate 5 Ancient Device Fragments. Combine them to create the Ancient Slotted Device.


Now that we have the disc, a lot of our earlier finds are starting to make sense. Shortly after my arrival, Prospector Remtravel unearthed what he presumed to be a prehistoric toaster.

It's my belief that this slotted box is some sort of data reader. Unfortunately, it broke apart and washed away with the rest of our base camp when the tidal wave struck!

It can't have gone far, <name>. Pieces must be buried in the nearby sand. Here, use my trusty buried artifact detector to comb the beach for them.


You will be able to choose one of the following:
Inv drink 17.png [Unidentified Cooking Utensil] Inv shield 09.png [Professor's Sandwich Plate]

You will also receive: 10s


Did you assemble all the pieces of the slotted device? We may need to remove Prospector Remtravel's sandwich from the ancient data interface.


Why yes, yes, this is it! See here, the slot is the exact dimensions of the ancient disc, just as I'd surmised. Here's your reward, <name> - you've earned it.

<Jr. Archaeologist Ferd upends the device and pours mud and garbage from the slot.>

Are you ready to meet history face to face? Let's see what the ancients have to say!



Quest completion
Jr. Archaeologist Ferd says: Let's see what this artifact tells us...
Jr. Archaeologist Ferd says: I knew it! It's calling up a message!
(image of Aman appears)
Archaeologist Groff says: Kill it!
Aman says: ...Diagnostic ... Diagnostic ... Fail.
Prospector Remtravel says: Mother?
Aman says: The site has been compromised. The aspects must be alerted.
Jr. Archaeologist Ferd says: Amazing. Prospector Remtravel's done it again! We'll see if Ironforge can make sense of this.


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