The Tome of Valor

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AllianceThe Tome of Valor

25 (Requires 20)




390 EXP (or 23s 40c at level 80)


A Paladin [25] The Tome of Valor



Reading the Tome of Valor would give you this text:

Valor, and all the virtues that go along with it, are like rare minerals: you must cherish them when you find them because of their value, but you must also take time to harvest them... refine them. When mixed together properly, a strong alloy is formed, sometimes unbreakable by even the most powerful blows.

This strength, your faith, your bravery, must be tested. You must learn to never lose faith and realize that with the power of the Light, you can overcome things that most others cannot.


You will gain:

  • 390 EXP (or 23s 40c at level 80)


Ah, you wish to petition me for a test of valor. Splendid.

There are many tasks throughout the city and surrounding lands that hold much challenge, and they could use a man with your skills.

This test should not be taken lightly, <name>. This, like many things along our path, could take our lives. The Church always wishes to bolster its ranks, but it understands the sacrifices needed to ensure the paladins serving it are worthy.

Are you prepared?


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