The Tongue of Ba-Shon (quest)

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NeutralThe Tongue of Ba-Shon
Lorewalker Cho at Seeker's Point

88 (Requires 87)




10g 60s


N [88] Seeker's Folly



Assist Lorewalker Cho in performing the Binding of Ba-Shon.

  • Tongue of Ba-Shon Bound


Thank you for coming, <name>. I am sorry to have been so cryptic, but I could not risk alerting the mogu to my work here.

They're out in force, as I'm sure you've noticed. Plundering the tombs of their old kings for relics of power.

I could not observe them long before having to flee, but I did manage to recover a relic of my own.

The Tongue of Ba-Shon will let us communicate securely over long distances, but only after I have bound it to myself.

I think I'm ready to begin, if you are.


You will receive: 10g 60s


I'll need to bind my essence to the Tongue, then you can use it to speak with me from anywhere.


This must be a very powerful relic for Zuan to want it back so badly.

It frightens me to think of what else they may find in the tombs...


  • 162000 XP


Speak with him again.

Alright, we're ready to get started.
Gossip Go ahead with the binding, Cho.
Lorewalker Cho says: The binding should only take a moment, but I'll be completely entranced.
Cho walks over to the circular rug and sits.
Lorewalker Cho says: Watch my back - I trust you can handle any interruptions.
Reclaimer Zuan yells: LOREWALKER! You have something of mine.
Reclaimer Zuan says: Clever, hiding out up here - using the elements to shield your tracks. But my quilen hounds could sense the Tongue even here.
Reclaimer Zuan says: Yachi! Yao! Rip these fools to shreds!

Reclaimer Zuan is a level 87 mogu with 214,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Reclaim Strength 40 yd range — Inflicts 18 Shadow damage and transfers 5% of the target's power to the Reclaimer per sec. Instant. Ticks for 4611 Shadow. Stacks.
  • Enrage — Increases damage dealt by 20%. Instant. Self-buff. Stacks. Cast on each quilen's death.

He also has two quilen, Yachi and Yao, each with 107,000 health. All three attack at the same time. He will enrage for +20% damage on each quilen's death, so make the decision on whether or not to take them down before focusing on him.

  • Reclaimer Zuan says: My precious Yachi! You'll pay for that!
  • Reclaimer Zuan says: My precious Yao! You'll pay for that!

Either way, finish him off.

Lorewalker Cho says: All done. Did I miss anything?


Optional breadcrumb: B [87] Cho's Missive

  1. N [88] Path Less Traveled
  2. N [88] Instant Courage & N [88] They Stole My Luck! & N [88] Resupplying One Keg
  3. N [88] Comin' Round the Mountain
  4. N [88] One Traveler's Misfortune
  5. N [88] Seeker's Folly
  6. N [88] The Tongue of Ba-Shon
  7. N [88] Staying Connected
  8. N [88] An End to Everything
  9. N [88] It Was Almost Alive
  10. N [88] The Tomb of Shadows
  11. N [88] Breaking the Emperor's Shield
  12. N [88] Stealing Their Thunder King
  13. N [88] Lessons from History
  14. N [88] Chasing the Storm
  15. N [88] Fisherman's Tale
  16. N [88] It Takes A Village & N [88] Handle With Care & N [88] What's Yours Is Mine & N [88] Make A Fighter Out of Me
  17. N [88] Enemies At Our Door
  18. N [88] Revelations
  19. [Maggot Slurry]

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