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The Treasury Heist

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AllianceThe Treasury Heist

120 (Requires 120)




750x [Azerite]
70g 20s


A [120] Mischief Managed


Retrieve the Abyssal Scepter from the Zandalari Treasury.


The Abyssal Scepter is a powerful tidesage artifact and a serious threat to the fleet. The Horde stole it, but it is being held by the Zandalari in their treasury.

The Storm's Wake has crafted a fake Scepter. Your first job is to obtain the real one without alerting suspicion.

Speak to me when you are ready to go over the plan.


You will receive:


Were you successful?


Mission accomplished on all fronts, it seems. I will ensure that the High Tinker gets the data you collected.

I remember hearing stories of the Abyssal Scepter when I was young. Aside from being a tactical victory, it is good to have this relic back in our hands. Thank you.

Criteria of



Scenario: The Treasury Heist

Stage 1 – A Simple Plan

  • Secure the exit.

Stage 2 – Mission: Probable

  • Proceed further into the treasury.

Stage 3 – Take the Shortcut

  • Head towards the central chamber.

Stage 4 – Nevermind

  • Return to the outer hallway.

Stage 5 – The Bigger They Are...

  • Defeat the Treasury Sentinel.

Stage 6 – The Search Continues

  • Proceed further into the treasury.

Stage 7 – Masking For Trouble

  • Defeat the Treasury Guardians.

Stage 8 – More Traps? Seriously?

  • Run the gauntlet.

Stage 9 – Protection Detail

  • Protect Shaw while he disables the traps.

Final Stage – Make the Swap.

  • Consult with Mathias Shaw.


  1. A [120] The Abyssal Scepter
  2. A [120] The Treasury Heist
  3. A [120] Mischief Managed

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