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The Trial at the Temple

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NeutralThe Trial at the Temple

98 - 110 (Requires 98)




58g 20s (at level 110)




N Monk [98 - 110] The Monkey King's Challenge


N Monk [98 - 110] Purity of Form


Accompany the Monkey King to the Temple of the Jade Serpent and obtain Fu Zan, the Wanderer's Companion.

  • Enter the Temple of the Jade Serpent
  • Obtain Fu Zan


My staff was strong and mighty without peer, but since I not its master, in time it would soon disappear.

The staff was a gift from the Jade Serpent, Yu'lon, but for only a single task. With my work finished, to her again it has passed.

Yu'lon be the staff's keeper, holding it for those who are blessed. To her we now go now, to announce your request.


You will receive: 58g 20s


I knew you'd succeed, <name>. I'm honored to be at your service.



Speak to The Monkey King to enter the scenario.

Time to get slerpin' and grookin', King say. Get busy! It best if we start right away.
Gossip Let's go to the Temple.

Stage 1: Crisis in the Temple

You've entered the temple grounds. Meet with The Monkey King and prepare to head deeper into the complex.
The Monkey King says: Whatever happened to this place? It put sad look on wikket's face.
Master Windstrong says: Help, masters! Demons are ransacking the temple!
Master Windstrong says: The Jade Serpent fights the invaders inside while we hold the gate for survivors to escape. Several scribes are missing, and I fear the worst. Please, help us!
The Monkey King says: Yu'lon's strong as a mountain and quick as a bee, but even a mountain's worn down by the sea.
The Monkey King says: These walls right here look easy to climb! Jade Serpent's the one the King go to find.
Master Windstrong says: <Name>, we're counting on you to rescue our scribes!

Stage 2: Checking Out

Kill the demons to rescue the scribes. Use [Paralysis] as needed for crowd control.

Impling Pillager says: Hey! You're not supposed to be here.
Impling Pillager says: Hmm... medium or well-done?
Impling Pillager says: Another morsel has come to say, hello.
Impling Pillager says: Quickly, grab them!
Impling Pillager says: Help! Baddies here!
The scribes
Yu'lon Scribe says: Thank you. I will not forget this!
Yu'lon Scribe says: Oh, thank you, thank you!
Yu'lon Scribe says: Thank you. I will not forget this!
Yu'lon Scribe says: You saved my life!

Stage 3: Hungering for Revenge

A powerful demon has killed Lorewalker Stonestep! Avenge his death and look for any further survivors.
Lorewalker Stonestep is killed by the observer.
Belphiar yells: Such delicious knowledge!

Avoid standing in Belphiar's AoE.

Belphiar says: Another mind to feed upon!

Stage 4: Down But Not Out

Priestess Summerpetal says: Ugh... Oh, my head!
Priestess Summerpetal says: Thank you, hero. I would have been that monster's next meal!
Priestess Summerpetal says: Oh, Stonestep... your sacrifice will not be in vain!

Stage 5: Death From Above

  • Monkey King followed
The Monkey King yells: Hey wikket, come here! Great danger is near!

Follow Priestess Summerpetal to find the Monkey King.

The Monkey King says: Get movin', wikket! Yu'lon be in trouble. Let's get to her side and give aid on the double!
The Monkey King pauses as he espies a Legion ship.
The Monkey King says: Ooo, that no look good! Come, wikket, this way. There's greenies about, but we've no time to play.
Priestess Summerpetal says: I'm coming too!

Stage 6: The Battle of the Serpent

Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent, has been injured! Defend her from the demonic attackers!
  • Yu'lon Must Survive
  • Legion Attackers Defeated
Yu'lon says: You should not be here, little ones. The Burning Legion's attacks are relentless. Even I have suffered many wounds.
The Monkey King says: Jade Serpent taught me: king do what king must. We not gonna leave you. There's greenies to bust!
Yu'lon says: Prepare yourself, our foes are approaching!

You'll fight several waves of demons here. It is possible to do this as DPS, but you will need to keep using cooldowns such as [Leg Sweep] and [Touch of Karma] for crowd control. Remember to use [Detox] to cleanse the disease debuff and to heal yourself from time to time.

The Monkey King says: Look out! Greenies comin' fast! Grook 'em! Make this day their last!
Priestess Summerpetal says: Another group! They can't keep coming forever... can they?

Once the final wave has been dealt with, Yu'lon will have recovered.

Yu'lon yells: I AM RENEWED! Come, little ones. Let us put an end to this invasion!

Stage 7: On Fel Wings

The Eredar Lord Korithis is attacking the temple! Stop him!
Lord Korithis yells: Your mortal allies will not help you, little snake! Your doom is at hand!
Yu'lon says: Heroes, your fight is with Korithis. I'll protect you from his winged monstrosity.

Avoid standing in any AoE that's lobbed at you.

Lord Korithis says: Haha! So be it! Come, mortals, your death awaits!
Lord Korithis says: This changes nothing... your world... will... burn!

Stage 8: Fu Zan, the Wanderer's Companion

  • Fu Zan reclaimed
Yu'lon says: You have learned well how to fight these creatures, but this will be only one of many battles.
Yu'lon says: This is Fu Zan. Take it. May it shield you in the dark times ahead.

Final Stage: The Wanderer Awakens

The Monkey King says: Wooo-hoo, wikket, that's the way! Grooked the greenies, saved the day!
The Monkey King says: The weapon's blessin' don't come free. With courage face your destiny!
Yu'lon says: Fu Zan has has chosen a new companion. Great deeds and great trials await you, little one. For now, you should return home to rest and prepare for what is to come.
Yu'lon says: As a token of my gratitude, allow me to see you home.

Speak to Yu'lon to secure a flight.

Are you ready to return to Shen-zin Su?
Gossip It would be an honor.
After dropping off the monk adventurer, Yu'lon says goodbye.
Yu'lon says: Fare well, little one.


Original questline

Level 98
  1. N Monk [98 - 110] Before the Storm
  2. N Monk [98 - 110] The Dawning Light
  3. N Monk [98 - 110] Prepare To Strike
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Monk [98 - 110] Purity of Form
  6. N Monk [98 - 110] A Matter of Planning
  7. N Monk [98 - 110] The Fight Begins
Level 101
  1. N Monk [101 - 110] Growing Power
  2. N Monk [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Monk [101 - 110] Tianji of the Ox
  5. N Monk [101 - 110] Building Our Troops
  6. N Monk [101 - 110] Scrolls of Knowledge
  7. N Monk [101 - 110] Tech It Up A Notch
  8. N Monk [101 - 110] Report from Tian Monastery
Level 102
  1. N Monk [102 - 110] Two Paths, Two Weapons
  2. N Monk [102 - 110] Three Paths, Three Weapons
Level 103
  1. Complete all of:
  2. N Monk [103 - 110] The Hand of Keletress
  3. N Monk [103 - 110] Rebuilding the Order
  4. Optional quests:
  5. Complete all of:
Level 110
  1. N Monk [110] The Iron Fist
  2. N Monk [110] The Master of Swords
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Monk [110] Brick By Brick
  5. Complete all of:
  6. N Monk [110] The Mead Master
  7. N Monk [110] Stolen Knowledge
  8. Complete all of:
  9. N Monk [110] Impending Danger
  10. N Monk [110] Storm Brew
  11. N Monk [110] A Hero's Weapon

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