The Trial of Fire

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HordeThe Trial of Fire

18 (Requires 15)




10s (or 8s 40c at max level)




Complete the Trial of Fire by standing in the fire runes without getting hit by flame for 10 consecutive bursts.


The Trial of Fire... oooh... sounds intimidating, doesn't it? No? Hm. Well I kind of thought so. Firsts are first, you touch the fire crystal and the portal to the trial opens.

To beat this trial, you have to hop around in the fire runes without getting hit by the fire. If you stay unflamed long enough, you win!

There are little signs to help you - fire hopping to it's new rune, fizzles when a rune goes cold. You can figure that stuff out if you want. Or just guess! That's what most people do.


You will receive: 10s (or 8s 40c at max level)


Woo! Good for you! That trial really put a fire under your bottom.


This quest can be completed fairly easily by following Darwin the blood elf apprentice who is also trying the Trial of Fire.

On completion: the Image of Archmage Xylem will say:

Image of Archmage Xylem says: Marvelous! You bound ahead with more haste than a flame-laden kitten. Quite suitable indeed!


  1. H [17] Azshara Blues
  2. H [17] Friends Come In All Colors
  3. Complete all of the following:
  4. H [17] Wash Out
  5. H [18] Dressed to Impress
  6. H [18] Renewable Resource / H [18] Shear Will / H [18] Waste of Thyme
  7. H [18] Trouble Under Foot / H [18] Manual Labor
  8. H [18] The Pinnacle of Learning
  9. H [18] Watch Your Step
  10. H [18] The Trial of Fire / H [18] The Trial of Frost / H [18] The Trial of Shadow
  11. H [18] Xylem's Asylum
  12. H [19] Wasn't It Obvious?
  13. H [19] Easy is Boring
  14. H [19] Turning the Tables
  15. H [19] Fade to Black / H [19] Ice Cold / H [19] Pro-liberation
  16. H [19] Farewell, Minnow

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