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The Trial of Frost

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HordeThe Trial of Frost

18 (Requires 15)




10s (or 8s 40c at max level)




Complete the Trial of Frost by gathering 20 Essence of Ice without getting hit by Frostburn.


You know, some of my apprentices have called me cold hearted. I always say though, I shall not let the temperature of my body parts stand in the way of true learning.

To reach the Trial of Frost, touch the Frost crystal to open a portal. Once there, the goal is quite simple - gather the little floaty ice orb thingies.

To counter the simple, the rotating Frostburns may put back your progress, as it were. If you want to be fancy, you can use the rune traps to jump over them as they rotate by. Neat, eh?


You will receive: 10s (or 8s 40c at max level)


Brilliant. You certainly don't let cold feet stop you. Or cold any part for that matter!

No? ...too soon?


You can get the achievement [Glutton for Icy Punishment] while doing this quest.


  1. H [17] Azshara Blues
  2. H [17] Friends Come In All Colors
  3. Complete all of the following:
  4. H [17] Wash Out
  5. H [18] Dressed to Impress
  6. H [18] Renewable Resource / H [18] Shear Will / H [18] Waste of Thyme
  7. H [18] Trouble Under Foot / H [18] Manual Labor
  8. H [18] The Pinnacle of Learning
  9. H [18] Watch Your Step
  10. H [18] The Trial of Fire / H [18] The Trial of Frost / H [18] The Trial of Shadow
  11. H [18] Xylem's Asylum
  12. H [19] Wasn't It Obvious?
  13. H [19] Easy is Boring
  14. H [19] Turning the Tables
  15. H [19] Fade to Black / H [19] Ice Cold / H [19] Pro-liberation
  16. H [19] Farewell, Minnow

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