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The True Leader of Zandalar

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HordeThe True Leader of Zandalar

120 (Requires 120)




23g 40s





Present the Glaive of Vol'jin with Talanji to the people of Zandalar.


Now, take me glaive and walk with Talanji. Let her present your victory to her people. Let da trolls know justice, and the strength of a leader.


You will receive:


Talanji is da true ruler of Zandalar, even if she be doubting it. With guidance, she will eclipse her father's reign.

For now, ya have me thanks.

Criteria of


On accept
A scene plays. Baine Bloodhoof, Hexlord Raal, and Wardruid Loti join Rokhan and Master Gadrin. Vol'jin and Talanji go to address the gathered people.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Show dem, leader of Zandalar. Show da blade to those dat need to see it da most. Give dem peace.
Princess Talanji says: Dis was not my achievement.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Ya brought de champion to dese shores against ya father's will. Ya learned da secrets of G'huun when no one be listenin'.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Ya set in motion what be needed ta save ya people. Now, more than ever, dey be callin' for a leader dey can love and trust.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Show dem da blade. Become da symbol dey need.
Princess Talanji yells: Behold de blood of G'huun. By his will were borne de deaths of Shadra, Hi'reek[sic], Torga, and ...and Rezan.
Visions of the slain loa appear.
Princess Talanji yells: By his will were borne de deaths of so many of our brothers and sisters.
Princess Talanji yells: Let dis glaive be displayed as a reminder dat no matter how far we fall, no matter how much we lose, we are Zandalari! We adapt, we find a way to survive!
Princess Talanji yells: If it were not for dis hero of de Horde, our losses would have been far worse. Dis proves, more than ever, dat it is time for us to adapt, to become part of de world again.
Princess Talanji yells: Zandalar forever!


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