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The Voice of Iyu

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AllianceThe Voice of Iyu

93 (Requires 92)




18g 90s


A [93] The Razorbloom


A [93] Dark Iron Down, A [93] Bushwhacker, A [93] Pollen Power


Slay the Voice of Iyu.


Journal Entry 25 -

The botani got themselves a leader who calls himself... er... herself... er... itself the Voice of Iyu.

Seems the botani see the genesaur as gods and only the most bossy of the botani get to speak on behalf of the genesaur.

When we tried askin' it about the artifact we found back at the base it got all angry and sent off Lera and Nori and I ain't seen either of them since.

I got a bad feelin' about this thing.

("The Voice of Iyu: He speaks for the genesaur.")


You will receive: 18g 90s


You hear any news?


They mulched my friends? Those pointy branch wavers with their wee beady eyes! Thank ya for avenging ma friends.

We best be findin' the others before they get turned into plant food.


  • 21150 XP


Follow the path to the northeast to find the Voice of Iyu inside a hollowed-out tree. Knock him out, then head just to the north of the tree to find a basket of Primal Seeds, which starts A [93] Super Seeds.

On return:

Yrel says: Why did you join us, Kaalya? If we are such an inconvenience, why not leave us to our own devices?
Rangari Kaalya says: Rangari do not leave people behind.


  1. A [93] Deeproot / H [93] The Razorbloom
  2. Complete all of:
    • Finding the infected:
    1. A [93] The Razorbloom / H [93] Mossy Fate
    2. B [93] The Voice of Iyu
  3. A [93] Dark Iron Down / H [93] Cutter
  4. Complete both:
  5. A [93] Do the Dew / H [94] Secrets of the Botani
  6. B [94] The Life Spring
  7. A [94] A Heavy Helping Hand / H [94] Thieving Dwarves
  8. Complete all of:
  9. B [92] Iyu
  10. B [92] Power of the Genesaur

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